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Every act

Whatever you do, do it with passion, with love, with full attention and awareness. Put all you have into even the smallest of acts.

The richness of life is in the doing. Fulfillment comes not from getting, taking, having or keeping, but from being and becoming.

In every action there is the opportunity for greatness. The more of yourself you put into all that you do, the more successful you will be.

This moment is not a practice or preparation. Now is when real life happens.

Give your energy, your attention, your thoughts and your love to what you are doing with now. Put yourself fully into what you do, and whatever you do will be of much value.

There is no task too small or too large to ignore. Life is truly rich when you can see that every moment, every act has its own special greatness.

-- Ralph Marston

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Monday, December 20, 2004


Resentment only wastes your energy and keeps your creativity suppressed. Instead of resenting what has happened, accept what is, and you put yourself in a position to do something about it.

You do not always get the results you desire, and conditions are not always what you would like for them to be. Yet you can always accept where you are and then move on ahead.

In fact, the fastest way to move forward is to be realistic about where you are. Accept and acknowledge what you have to work with, and you'll begin to see plenty of positive possibilities.

Acceptance of what is does not mean that you're giving in or giving up on where you can go. In fact, by fully accepting where you are, you enable yourself to make positive use of everything available to you.

By accepting what is, you can make positive use of the triumphs and the disappointments. By letting go of your resentment and anger for what has been, you can put all your focus on the best of what can be.

Stop fighting the battles that are already over. Accept what is, and you've already begun to win.

-- Ralph Marston

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Staying in control

Negative habits are harmful not only because of the undesirable results to which they lead. They also steadily weaken your self control.

By giving in to a negative impulse, you are giving up some of the ability you have to live a positive, fulfilling life. You are sacrificing the real meaning in your life in order to experience a shallow, fleeting pleasure.

When carried too far, the negative habits cease to bring even momentary pleasure. By that time, you've probably forgotten that there's another choice.

Yet there is always a much more fulfilling and life-affirming way. That way is self control. As soon as you choose positive self control, not only do you avoid the destructive behavior, you also build more strength to do so. Positive, productive habits can become even stronger than negative, destructive ones.

Self control is not the easy way, for it takes effort and commitment. It is, however, the best way and it is something you can surely exercise when you understand how very far ahead it will take you.

-- Ralph Marston

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

A new beginning

The gifts and bright decorations will soon be put away. Yet the love in which they're shared will continue to grow even stronger.

The words and songs, rituals and traditions will soon give way to other pursuits. Yet the real hope that they express will live on, renewed again by the expressions of the season.

Christmas does not end when the gifts have all been opened and the feasting has been finished. The story of Christmas is a story of new birth, of promise, love and hope.

This day is not an end, but a brilliant new beginning. This day is an opportunity to open your heart to the best of all possibilities.

Though the years will pass and the seasons will change, time cannot erase the love and joy that live in your heart today. So give your very best to this day, for its real value will always be with you.

Whatever else it may hold for you, today is a new beginning, an opportunity to move forward with renewed purpose. And that's a gift you can always treasure.

-- Ralph Marston

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Now is when

The disappointment you've known is all in the past. Now is when you can take what you've learned and make positive use of it.

Has something been holding you back? Now is when you can begin to move beyond it.

Perhaps life has fallen short of your expectations. Instead of becoming angry or resentful, now is when you can put it all behind you.

Now is a new day, a vibrant moment, a time of real possibilities. Now is your chance to make the most of those possibilities.

Now is when you can focus your thoughts and actions in positive and meaningful ways. Now is when you can make use of all you have, and reach toward the best you can be.

Now is when you are able to act, and positioned to truly make a difference. Now is when life is here to live.

-- Ralph Marston

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The choices you've made

Experience will show which choices have helped you. To learn from experience, decide to keep making those choices.

Experience will tell you which choices have held you back. To benefit from even your negative experiences, remember to avoid those same kinds of choices.

The choices you've made have brought you to where you are. Now, looking at those choices can show you how to get where you want to go.

You've experienced the reality of what works and what doesn't. So the choices you now make can be far more informed than those in your past.

You've earned the ability to be very clear in your vision for the best life can be. And you've earned the ability to make the choices that will actually get you there.

Look back at the choices you've made, and consider what they have brought you. They'll help you know what's best to choose now.

-- Ralph Marston

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Your dreams

There is a reason why you have the dreams that you have. Your dreams are yours so that you'll be compelled to follow them.

The pain you feel when you're prevented from following your dreams has the same purpose as any other pain. It is meant to get your attention and encourage you to correct the situation.

The joy you feel when following a dream is also there for a reason. That joy serves to keep you in pursuit of that dream.

Your dreams are not there to frustrate you. Your dreams encourage you to more fully become the best that you can be.

Your dreams may not seem reasonable or practical or realistic, based on your current circumstances. Keep in mind, though, that those dreams exist to encourage you to reach beyond the circumstances of the moment.

As you follow those dreams, you'll discover and develop new skills, passion, and knowledge that can carry you far. Follow your dreams, and fully become who you are.

-- Ralph Marston

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Say yes

This New Year is the time to say yes to the best of your possibilities. This is the moment to start reaping the rewards from the positive side of life.

Many opportunities will beckon, and you can choose to say yes to them. Obstacles will regularly stand in your way, and you can decide that, yes, you will work through them.

There will be plenty of ways to make a positive difference. And yes, you can be the person who steps forward to do it.

Setbacks will come along to knock you down. And yes, you can get back up and get yourself moving forward even faster, with more determination than before.

Say yes to the best possibilities, and even better possibilities will then open up to you. Say yes to the challenges, and the strength you develop will lift you higher than you ever could have imagined.

Say yes this New Year to the richness and wonder that is your life. And your positive, enthusiastic approach will make it even better.

-- Ralph Marston


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Today will soon be over. Yet the value you create while it is still here will be with you for a long time to come.

Today, there are hurts that you can heal. Today, there are disagreements that you can transform into understanding.

Today, there are challenges and problems that can, through your efforts, become positive achievements. Today, there are weaknesses that can, through your attention and persistence, become strengths.

Today, there are visions that can be forged into reality. Today, there are small moments that can become treasured memories.

Today, there are joys that can be brought to life. Today, there is love that can grow ever stronger.

Today is a day that is filled with possibilities. See how many of the best of them you can bring to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Course correction

The setbacks and disappointments always get your attention. That's because they have so much to say.

It can be easy to wander off course without even realizing you've done so. Yet when you do, something is likely to soon go wrong that will point out the errors you have made.

It's important to pay attention to the small problems as they arise. For they can help you take action to avoid bigger problems later on.

The setbacks you experience won't be pleasant. Yet they can bring you a renewed commitment to point yourself back in a positive, effective direction.

When the disappointments come, listen to what they have to say. Learn from the results, both positive and negative, and your approach will improve over time.

The setbacks you experience are usually suggesting a course correction. Learn to let them set you back on track.

-- Ralph Marston

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Wednesday,  January 5, 2005

You choose

There are endless opportunities for joy in this moment, and there are endless opportunities for misery. Which will you choose?

There are plenty of great reasons to move forward with life, and just as many excuses for doing nothing. Which will you choose?

There are all sorts of challenges that will help you grow stronger, and numerous ways to avoid them. Which will you choose?

There are things you can do that will create much value, and other things that will merely pass the time. Which will you choose?

There are ways you can follow the best of your dreams, and ways to avoid any effort at all. Which will you choose?

The life you live is made up of your choices, in this and every moment. You have the choice now, so which life will you choose?

-- Ralph Marston

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Start now

The sooner you start, the more you can accomplish. The more quickly you get going, the faster you will reach the goal.

Time will work for you when you make use of it as it comes. But the days and hours that you waste can never be reclaimed.

The moments that you fill with positive, productive and focused effort can continue to reward you for years to come. The earlier you start to build something of value, the more of it you'll be able to create.

It may seem in this moment that the easiest choice is to put your efforts off until later. In reality, though, that choice only makes things more difficult for you.

In the long run, the easiest way to achieve is to get started now. For the sooner you start, the less time you'll have to spend catching up.

Do you want to get the highest return for the time and effort you invest? The way to do that is to start right now.

-- Ralph Marston

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Monday, January 10, 2005

A reason to get going

When the road ahead is long, that is no reason to slow down. When there is much work to be done, that is no reason to be discouraged.

In fact, it is a reason to get going. It is a reason to get started as soon as possible.

For when there is much to be done, there is an abundance of positive opportunities. When the road ahead is long, there are countless ways for you to make a difference.

The greatest achievements come in response to the greatest challenges. The richest, most fulfilling journeys are the ones that seem impossibly long.

When there is much to be done, there is enormous value to be created. Those who step forward, those who make the effort, those who persist will be able to claim that value.

When the road is long, when the challenges are great, that is your chance to truly shine. For when you give it all you have, you end up with the best you can be.

-- Ralph Marston

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Give and receive

Give a little kindness, and receive friendship in return. Give an extra effort, and receive even more value in return.

Give an honest answer, and receive trust in return. Give a smile, and receive joy in return.

Give with real meaning, and receive fulfillment in return. Give thanks, and receive true abundance in return.

Give your full attention, and receive a positive experience in return. Give your knowledge, and learn something in return.

Give what you treasure most, and receive much more of it in return. Give what you can, and receive the best of who you are.

Give of yourself. And receive a life of richness in return.

-- Ralph Marston

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Be the first

Be the first to smile. When there is no reason to smile is when a smile is needed the most.

Be the first to forgive. And forever leave the negativity of the past where it belongs, in the past.

Be the first to take action. The sooner you act, the more you will accomplish.

Be the first to say thank you. A grateful attitude will bring more richness into your life.

Be the first to adapt to new and different situations. When you embrace change, you get it working in your favor.

Don't wait any longer for the best that life can be. Be the first to move forward, and be the one to make it happen.

-- Ralph Marston

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Real confidence

Real confidence comes not from boasting, but from listening and understanding. Real confidence comes not from taking all you can, but from giving the best you have.

Real confidence comes not from ignoring your fears. Rather, it comes from learning what those fears have to teach, and then moving ahead more fully prepared.

Real confidence brings with it a level of effectiveness that cannot be imitated. Real confidence has a momentum that is nearly impossible to deny.

Real confidence comes not from trying to appear impressive. Real confidence comes from taking the actions that lead to truly impressive results.

A small achievement brings with it the confidence to take your efforts to the next level. And when that next level is reached, you'll gain the confidence to go even higher.

In this way, real confidence is built, one step at a time. Build some for yourself, and see how very far it can take you.

-- Ralph Marston

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Life fully lived

If you never attempt anything, you will never make any mistakes. But you will also never enjoy the fruits of accomplishment.

If you never venture out into life, you will never have the pain of disappointment. Yet you will eventually know the even greater pain of regret for never having followed your best possibilities.

If you never go beyond what is comfortable and familiar, you won't run into any unpleasant surprises. You also will never make any exciting new discoveries.

It can seem enticing to stay securely protected within the walls of your comfort zone. After a short while, though, it becomes very empty.

Think for a moment how truly blessed you are that life is yours to be lived. Then make the most of each opportunity to fully live it.

Immerse yourself in the challenges and the triumphs, the disappointments and the joys, the uncertainty and the wonder of a life fully lived. And you'll find real treasure in every moment.

-- Ralph Marston

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Getting beyond doubt

Doubt is nothing but a thought. And you can choose to let go of any doubtful thought.

Doubt is merely a thought. When experience proves it wrong, it will quickly go away.

The way to get beyond doubt is to take action. Even a small positive step forward can begin to melt away a big, imposing doubt.

When you fight and strive against your doubt, it grows stronger. Yet when you simply ignore that doubt, and take positive action, the doubt withers away to nothing.

Doubt exists in your mind. Put it out of your mind, and it has no place to live.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, and your moments with positive, productive action. And doubt will never hold you back.

-- Ralph Marston

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

This point forward

Today does not have to be the same as yesterday. You can make it better.

Just because you've been in a negative pattern does not mean that you have to stay in that pattern. You can change it.

If the day has gotten off to a bad start, it doesn't have to end that way. You can turn it around.

When life has been disappointing, you don't have to continue to be disappointed. You can make positive changes.

Though there's nothing you can do to change the past, it is now over. The future is yours to create, beginning right now.

Life is filled with possibilities from this point forward. You can choose, and you can follow, the very best.

-- Ralph Marston

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Frustration transformed

In its raw form, frustration can be painful, negative and even destructive. However, frustration also has a positive side.

There is an enormous amount of energy in frustration. There is the potential for powerful and meaningful motivation in your frustration.

The key to successfully dealing with frustration is not to avoid it or to fight it or to let it overwhelm you. The best thing to do with frustration is to turn it into positive motivation.

The more intensely you feel frustration, the more motivated you can be to make positive changes to the situation. When you feel frustrated, stop for a moment and calmly consider your circumstances.

Instead of thinking of a thousand different ways to complain or to feel sorry for yourself, think of one way in which you can take a step forward. Then do it, and suddenly the frustration is transformed into something beneficial.

Frustration is powerful, but it doesn't have to get you down. Aim that power in a positive direction and it can take you far.

-- Ralph Marston

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Another choice

Stress is only what you allow it to be. When you choose not to let it affect you, it is now longer there.

There are no situations that are stressful on their own. There are only situations in which you choose to respond with a stressful attitude.

When you choose to focus on the negative aspects of a situation, you choose to fill your experience with stress. Yet there are other choices.

You can, for example, choose to respond with love. You can choose to respond with positive action and enthusiastic determination.

You can look at challenges and see in them the opportunity for positive progress. You can look at the disappointments and see in them the opportunity for real joy.

When stress begins to fill you, stop and remember that it is only one of many possible responses. Then smile and make another choice.

-- Ralph Marston

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Monday, January 24, 2005

A day to treasure

Don't let today get away from you. It is far too precious to waste.

Give the best of yourself to this day and it will be with you always. Though the hours will quickly pass and the day will end, the value you put into it will go on and on.

Don't postpone your enjoyment of life for another moment. Today is the day to bring the best of your dreams to life.

Do some of those things you've been meaning to do. Get in touch with those people you've been meaning to see.

Today is when you have the opportunity to make something happen. Today is your time to live with all the fullness you can imagine.

This day is here now, ready for you to fill with your own special value. Fill it, live it, and make it one to always treasure.

-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fully responsible

The way to take control is to take responsibility. The way to gain maximum influence over anything is to become fully responsible for it.

Responsibility may sometimes seem like a burden. That's because discipline, focus and effort are necessary in order to maintain responsibility. Even so, responsibility is not a burden so much as it is an opportunity. For it is through living with responsibility, day in and day out, that great and valuable things are achieved.

With responsibility, you can take a confusing situation and give it clarity. With responsibility, what was previously considered impossible can become a reality.

You can add significant value to any aspect of your life by taking responsibility for it. Where responsibility goes, success follows.

Get in the habit of looking for ways to take responsibility. And you'll find yourself firmly, positively in control.

-- Ralph Marston

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Come to life

In this moment is everything you need to live with richness and joy. Can you see it?

If you use this moment merely to wish for more, you'll miss out on most of the value that could be yours right now. If you fill this moment with worries about the problems you face, you'll miss out on the opportunity to transcend those problems.

Instead, find as much as you can about this moment that you can genuinely appreciate. And as you do, the real value of this moment will become more and more available to you.

The options open to you in this moment are more numerous than you can imagine. Find a few of the best of those possibilities, and bring them lovingly to life.

In this moment there is real magic. For in this moment your precious life is lived.

Let all the anger, the worries, frustrations and distractions fall away. And let this moment come to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Flowing outward

Your circumstances do not make you. Your circumstances reveal you.

The events in your life do not cause you to be one way or another. The events in your life give you the opportunity to express who you are by the way you deal with them.

Like a mirror, the world around you reflects your values, your beliefs and expectations. The things you experience outside yourself resonate with the person you are inside.

To bring about a positive change in your world, you must first make that positive change deep within yourself. Life flows from the inside toward the outside.

Any gains you make on the outside that do not have their origin on the inside will be temporary and mostly meaningless. Real, lasting success on the outside comes only after success has first been nurtured within.

Take great care with the authentic person you are inside. And that real value will flow outward to every corner of your life.

-- Ralph Marston

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Choose a response

Life will knock you around if you let it. But you don't have to let it.

You can't always control what's coming toward you. You can, however, decide what to do about it.

You can decide how to respond. And the way you respond can make all the difference in the world.

There is a positive, forward-looking way to respond to whatever may come your way. Though the circumstances may not be ideal, your response can be just right.

Rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by life's surprises, decide that you will take each one and find the value in it. Instead of impulsively reacting out of habit, resolve to act with positive purpose.

Choose a response that is based not only on the situation, but also on who you are and where you intend to go. By doing so, you can stay in control no matter what may happen.

-- Ralph Marston

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Power of persistence

One small effort, by itself, will not have much of an impact. Yet when that same effort is repeated again and again, the results can be truly magnificent.

Persistence has power. With persistence, soft drops of water can wear away the hardest stone. With persistence, a tiny seed can grow into an enormous tree. With persistence, what seems to be impossible can in fact be achieved.

With persistence, the setbacks and obstacles are overcome, one by one. With persistence, you will get where you intend to go.

Persistence does not require a massive effort or special resources or exotic skills. To benefit from the power of persistence, all you must do is keep on going.

Persistence is really quite simple, and available to anyone who decides to use it. Choose to put the power of persistence on your side, and you'll bring the very best of your dreams to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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