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Homophobic Friends

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Just started a new job and met some very cool guys. I haven't come out at work as gay because I shouldn't wear a label for the sake of it. Past experience tells me people almost always guess from my campness.

The guys have discussed girls, I've said nothing much. I've talked of my lesbian Turkish uni friend, and had mixed signals from two of the guys, saying things which could be flirty, but also things said which suggest otherwise. I sometimes wonder if they were just messing with me!

There is a guy from Turkey, whilst he is married to his wife here in the UK, he is quite lonely as he is embedded in an islamic culture, which he finds a bit restrictive in a mostly white, chavy, predominately racist town. I'm lonely too as everyone I did know has moved on from here.

The Turkish guy is iffy with the idea of gay people. He invited me to his home; I suggested we all meet up at the pub. Do I come out and cut the rotten apples loose, or say nothing much until someone asks, by which time they will have gotten to know me.

Having had Muslim friends in the past, I've later come out and they've been forced to re-evaluate their stance. However I don't want to feel I am hiding, which I could be by avoiding my love life in convo's.

What should I do?

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Hey Paper,

That's a difficult situation i can relate, i dont go out broadcasting that im bisexual, and its not that im ashamed of being bi, but that i dont feel that it's anybody else's business. I agree with Trace, just be yourself and dont bring up the subject of your sexuality unless you want to. good luck with your situation! :)


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