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I have been on ESA since last year. I had my annual medical examination and failed. I was 2 points short! I appealed this and stated that I felt the doctor treated me unfairly. I specifically told her that I have trouble going out alone and need to have company with me to leave my house most of the time.

Jobcentre plus rejected my first appeal and it had now gone to tribunal, I was supposed to have the hearing in December but it has been pushed back a few months.

I contacted Jobcentre plus again when my medication was changed to an anti-psychotic to show them that my condition had become worse, they were still unwilling to change the appeal.

I am very stressed with regards to this and hate been treated like I am faking. Now with the Tories targeting ESA as well I feel even more frustrated!

Has anyone else had the same problems recently? If so any advice would be great!

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I feel for you totally. I think our ****** gov't doesn't want there to be sick people on disibility (prob as a fix to some European ruling saying they need to help us get back to work type targets) ????? god knows. I know its making me even more depressed. The forms are so complicated and don't really help if you suffer a mental health problem. They make it so complicated to put people off of claiming it.

I would work if I could but concentration levels are shot not only that with all the cuts in the UK there are more people out of work so what chance do I have over 40 mental health problems caring for a 15yr old on disibility as well over someone without my problems! Yes there maybe laws about discrimination but you tell that to the bosses nowadays- they just re-word it yet the meaning is the same!

It stinks :( totally fed up.

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