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Terrible Dry Eyes

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Hello - I have terrible, chronic dry eyes and had this condition before taking anti-depressants.

I recently went off Pristiq due to extreme dizziness (although, it did lift my depression and wasn't terrible on my eyes). I am now starting Lexapro (5mg at first, then upping to 10mg). Within a few hours of taking Lexapro, I noticed my dry eyes getting much worse (unbearably so). This also happened on my 2nd week of Celexa, too. Couldn't tolerate the painful dry eyes.

Has anyone found that the dryness goes away with Lexapro? I'm trying to decide if I should wait another couple of weeks of potential dry-eye hell (coupled with the terrible depression/anxiety), or switch to something else.

Are there any other anti-depressants that are less "drying"? Any experiences out there? I so wish that the Pristiq didn't cause me such terrible dizziness... Thank you so much for your help.

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I am sorry that I cannot provide you with more concrete advice about your problem, as I've never experienced the dry-eye side effect myself. (Perhaps that is because I naturally have really moist eyes, lol.)

Here's a link to DF's page about Lexapro from the Medicine Chest: http://www.depressionforums.org/articles/773/1/Lexapro---escitalopram/Page1.html

Perhaps you might find that helpful? It also might be good to browse around the various medication forums and read the FAQs to see if dry eyes are listed as a potential side effect.

Here's a general link to DF's Medicine Chest: http://www.depressionforums.org/articles/366/1/Medications-A-Z/Page1.html

There, you can also browse around and learn about various medications. Good luck! I hope the Lexapro works for you!

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