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Daddy's Death Is Imminent

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(interrupting her combat stretching, listening to Ennio Morricone's "Goodbye, Colonel", contemplative)

Most assuredly...

"Blessed relief from endogenously induced emotional pain and agony"

A while ago, my therapist had ordered up an increase in my Sertraline dosage and on my own initiative, I asked my physician for a prescription of Alprazolam, for my life stress had transcended greatly a manageable level.

Given the mechanism of effect of the Sertraline, several weeks are required before an increase in dosage will achieve therapeutic effect but the beauty of it was, that I had the Alprazolam medication to more or less function as an interim support mechanism, until the Sertraline achieved optimum serotonergic synaptic effect.

And then, Mom told me that Daddy's Parkinsonism had finally attained its nadir of neurological destruction...

(closing her eyes, rubbing her forehead, sighing heavily)

Oh, my God...

I am the only girl of 5 children and the first-born...and...Daddy did so much for me...

This situation is tearing me apart and I have oft been reduced to crying, when pondering it...but it is a certainty that had my medications not been increased and augmented, I would be an absolute mess right now and likely, would not be able to function.

Thank God.

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Hi Stressed_Intellectual_Girl,

You have my sincere sympathy on your fathers condition. I know words are not enough at these times, however you can take comfort in the happier memories of your Dad.

I do wish you all the support you need .

Best Wishes

Jim Bow

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Hello, just wanted to offer my sincere condolances also... I am glad your meds are giving you the capability to cope, thats a *very* good sign.

hang in there, I am rooting for you to pull through this okay... wish I could hug you but all I can do is say comfort (((hugs)))

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