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How Many Have Read Amen's Book On The 7 Types Of Depression/anxiety?

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First, let me say that I'm new here, but certainly not new to paxil. I was first put on paxil in June of 1994 (I can't believe it was that long ago) and I was on it for about 6 months. I quit taking it for more trivial reasons than any sort of bad experiences. In fact, I was one of those who had NO SIDE-EFFECTS in the whole time I took the medication. I even quit cold turkey with absolutely no problems at all. This was before the horror stories of paxil withdraw came to light. Anyway, because of my feelings about being on a AD and the stigma attached to that, plus the silly illusion that I HAD GOTTON MYSELF OUT OF THE DEPRESSION not the paxil! It was a very stupid move on my part, and suffice it to say, within a couple months of quiting I was right back in my anxiety and depression. I then went on a rampage of trying to find the BEST ALTERNATIVE treatments. I tried everything from meditation, CES (cranial electrostimulation), light and sound machines, St. John's Wort, every supplement known to man (amino acids), and several other alternative experiments. They somewhat helped at times, just enough to give me hope that I'd eventually find a solution without ever having to say I was an AD. Well, just this past month I finally gave in due to mounting family issues (my mother is very sick) that has sent me to a place that should've never been. Looking back it's been a LONG TERRIBLE 15 years that I've pretty much wasted.

This leads me to Dr. Amen's book on the 7 types of anxiety and depression. I bought the book earlier this year and after careful consideration I realized I was TYPE 4, which is called overfocused anxiety/depression. I largely came to this conclusion because this type is best treated with serotonin producing agents like SSRI's. Just last week I saw a psychiatrist and we decided that since paxil had been so good for me the first time that I should start with that (I must've been the ideal candidate for this drug since it was a miracle for me in how well it took care of every problem I had). Anyway, my main point of this ramble is to inquire as to how many of you actually realize that AD's like paxil, that increase serotonin, can actually worsen depression. In fact, Amen points out that only 1 of the 7 types actually benefit from the use of SSRI's. It's not to say you won't achieve some benefit from an SSRI, but this book has made me realize that the reason why a lot of meds don't work is because their taking the wrong type of AD for what their symptoms are. Are most of you sure that an SSRI is the right AD?

Btw, I started on 10mg of paxil just this past Friday and I'll go to 20mg tomorrow. I was on 40mg's 15 years ago my doc seems to think I will eventually have to get back to that level. So far, the 4 days on 10mg I can report no side-effects. My doc also thinks paxil has received and unfair reputation. He had prescribed paxil for years with very little complaints from his patients in that time. He thinks the media jumped on the few harsh reactions to the drug and now it's labeled as one of the worst SSRI's, as a result. I personally think that those who have such a bad experience with paxil are the type who's depression is actually made worse by an SSRI (Amen's findings back this up). Paxil is an amazing SSRI, when it works for you, and it makes sense that if SSRIs make you worse then this particular SSRI will cause an even stronger reaction than most. Do your homework.

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