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Think I'm Relieved But Not Sure Yet

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This is my first post on this web site although I have been reading it for over a year. For the last year my doctor has tried me on many depression medications and none of them seemed to work. I was at the doctor the other day and she said I think you have ADD. I was kinda shocked but after reading about it I seem to have a lot of the symptoms. I was talking to my wife and came up with an explanation as to how I feel. If I try to read a book, I never get past the first chapter but if I read forum posts I can read them for hours. I said if I can see an ending in sight I can finish it, hence forum posts. They are short and I know it only takes a few minutes, but if I try to read a book I know the ending is days away and I end up losing interest. It's as though I have to have a quick ending to get anything finished, if I can not see the end in sight I just never get there. I have about 100 things I have started over the last 2 years and nothing is finished. I started a sports room with all my autograped memrobilia, it started off great but now it is all in boxes waiting to be set up. I mow the front lawn but never get to the back lawn or if I mow the back I never get to the front. I built a porch on the front of the house got it to the stage it is up and painted but never completed the finishing touches. Started making cornhole boards never finished them. Start watching a movie never stay interested enough to see the ending. These are just a few things I can thing of off hand. I'm kinda excited to think that maybe I have an answer but kinda scared at the same time. What if it isn't ADD? What next? I just want an answer. I don't want to feel frustrated every day anymore. I just feel as thought my life is slipping away and I am getting no where. Do you think my Doctor has got this right or am in for another disappointment?

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Hi and Welcome Downunderu

We are not professionals, but it does sound like you have a ADD symptoms, which is a start for something to work on.

Keep working with your doc, there are meds that can help this and perhaps some therapy may help too.

You can learn techniques to help you to focus.


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Hello, downunderu

I agree, it does sound like you might have some ADD symptoms. Have you read some of the pinned topics in here?

Remember that even if you don`t feel that it fits you 100% it doesn`t mean you can`t have ADD :shocked:

Not all people who struggle with this experience the same symptoms.


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