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Mom of Two

2mg Ativan Vs 2mg Xanax Along With 10 Mg Lorcet

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:flowers:Hi all, I'm new to the formus and I need some advise for some procedures I'm having today. I just recently had a spinal fusion 5 months ago. I do suffer from depression, Anxiety and Bi-Polar. I am having an MRI with contrast, 7 views of X-rays and a CT scan today all of my lower spine from surgery because I have fallen several times and still in alot of pain.

I take Xanax on a daily basis, 2 mg in the moring, 1 mg mid day and 2 mgs at night. I am very clausterphobic and I will be in a closed MRI machine. Plus lying on my back for any period of time is too painful. So my Surgeon, who does not give me the Xanax, called in (2) 2 mg Ativan's to take with my 10 mg Lorcet pain pill right before I have the MRI to ease my anxiety and my pain. This will be an hour ad a half procedure, then the x-rays, the after that the CT scans.

I have bee taking Lorcet for my back for so long that they dont make me loopy and neither does the Xanax. I am wanting to know if the 2 mg Ativan along with my Lorcet is going to be stronger than a 2 mg Xanax with my Lorcet. Now he did give me two Ativan and said to take one 20 mins before my MRI and I could take the other during the procedure if needed. So I actually have 4 mg of Ativan I can take with my pain meds.

I'd like to know which one works faster between the 2mg Ativan and 2 mg Xanax and which one will relax me more and keep me that way for the entire procedure.

Anyone who has ever had this type of thing, or anyone experienced with both, I'd love to have some feedback. Remeber, Xanax and Loret do not make me loopy. So I am wondering if 2mg of Ativan will do the trick or should I take both 2 mg Ativan's at once and try to knock myself out for this painful prodedure? Oh and I also have Robaxin as well as Seroquel. Anyone every taken the Robaxin, Ativan and Lorcet together and if so do you have a high or ow tolerance and did that combo help you relax better for a long prodcedure? :hearts:

Thanks abunch! :hearts:

Mom of Two

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