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Feel Worse After Starting Ad..what To Do?...

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After starting each of the last few antidepressants I've tried (Zoloft, Cymbalta, Effexor) I've felt noticeably WORSE after the first week.

Basically just feels like my brain is filling up with these chemicals, but that the brain hasn't "popped" or begun to work correctly yet, to be able to use these chemicals.

The brain feels MORE stifled, rigid, obtuse, frozen, slower.

Anyone experience this? And anyone have any theories, or what I should do?

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I had the exact same thing happen to me when I started Zoloft. I was ill both mentally and physically and there were a few days where my depression got so bad I could do anything but lay around and TRY to cry. I say try because I couldn't. Made me feel even worse at the time. I had headaches, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, and didn't want much of anything to do with anyone.

Things got better though. I stuck it out on the Zoloft and now it's been 5 months. I'm doing very well and all the side effects and bad feelings have gone. Sometimes you have to stick it through the rough times to get to the better ones.

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First, thanks Melissa and Darcness for the replies...

What I feel upon starting ADs is, yes, a worsening of symptoms. My cognitive ability to think is greatly impeded (theory: unnatural amount of brain protein, be it serotonin, etc.). In other words, I describe it as a rigid, obtuse, frozen, or locked mind.

Off meds: I can shoot my eyes from side to side quickly; and while the brain doesn't feel "on" (in the Left Hemisphere, at least) at least what does work feels active. On meds: All activity ceases. Brain becomes slower. Cognition impeded. Ability to shoot eyes from side to side impeded.

Emotionality also suffers on medication. And that's noticeable within the first few days of beginning it (I feel LESS joy, less anything, just a dulling), and since I'm not on meds because I'm sad/meloncholy/etc. this dulling of emotions does me NO good, just makes me feel worse.

One theory of mine is that, obviously, putting hugely unnatural amounts of these chemicals into the brain initially will feel like crap (and is obvious responsible down-stream for the emotional dulling/cognitive dulling), but that over the 4-6 weeks, these unnatural amounts "flip the switch" on neuronal-genes, and that's responsible for the A.D. affect. (if that's true, it just stinks you have to feel worse for a long time, before feeling better)

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crashtst, I can relate. I get the same thing, the same reaction when starting a medication, feeling worse, the mind being frozen or rigid, etc.- just as you described.  I will complain mostly about the cognitive symptoms.  How are you doing now?  

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