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I don't think she was trying to fix the crack, she was just feeling it like she was in aww of it. She would touch it and move the windshield that was on verge of falling completely apart. She was touching it to see the winshield move forward and backwards.I was afraid if she continued it would completely shattered, which it hadn't done at that point. It was held together but totolly cracked.

I have no connection with jets that I know of. They were like attacking me or something.

I am not sure, but I think I was on my way to pick up my son when I was attacked. I kept seeiing the clock and kept feeling a reminder as if my time was running out.

I ended up at my mom and step dads, trying to get them to help me in this dilemma. I was talking and it was like I wasn't there.. or they couldn't hear me talk. I was invisible to them or something. It was right before this that my daughter and I were outside of the car looking at what had happened.. and that's when she stared reaching up to moved the class up and down.


wow. That dream sounds exhausting. I think I may just throw a few questions your way rather than attempt interpretation.

1. What is the connection to jets? Are you feeling attacked in other areas of your life (home, work). Perhaps something is overwhelming you, something coming at you from the outside?

2. the fact that your daughter was attempting to fix the crack intriques me. Why do you think she did this? is this a normal aspect of her character? do you rely on her often to help you get through difficult times? how old is she?

3. forgetting your son is also interesting. I think there may be a strong message in that your daughter was there helping you, but your son was elsewhere, and you felt as though you couldn't fulfill your responsibility to him (i.e. picking him up on time).

4. The element of time also deserves some attention. is a birthday coming up or some other important time marking event that may be causing you anxiety? are your children growing older, or entering a developmental stage that you feel unprepared for?

just some thoughts

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I recently read something interesting in our local newspaper about the dejavu experience. Hope I can explain it as clearly as they did....The article said that we will see an event happen, and sometimes one part of our brain processes that information instantly, but another part of our brain is moving more slowly, just seconds later when it gets around to processing the event, we have that de ja vu experience. The way they explained it was a very believalble and convincing explaination for dejavu.

Also, I once had a dream about me, a girl in my day care, and her mother, and my therapist at the time said all three females in my dream were different parts of me.

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I dream very vividly since I've been on anti-depressants. They aren't always bad but they are almost accompanied by night sweats. Sometimes I'm flying, I've had the drowning dream too several times too. I have what I would call anxiety dreams as well about losing my job. They are so vivid though and I never had dreams like that before taking the meds.

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Can you think of any connections to fearing a loss of somekind?

How does the theme of control pop up in your life?

Ellen.. thanks for your reply... sorry iv taken so long to write back!

I can see the fear of a loss yeah. Im very close to my immediate family and i care very much for my bf, so i couldnt imagine them not being around. I have a very very overactive imagination. I tend to create situations in my head and i cant stop them. Some are of losing people close to me.

The control issue is a funny one. I like to be in control. I worked in management for nearly 2 years and really enjoyed it. I dont like flying, but i love planes?! Iv always thought that is a control thing... id be happier if i was flying one lol Even with my bf... sometimes i try to take over things, especially in a fight. But im very indecisive at the same time. Alot of the time i need help to make decisions.

Part of me wonders that pretty much everything else in my life is falling apart.. my dreams are just playing out things getting even worse. This then triggers my anxiety and even more fears. Its just one big downward spiral lol

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I find that my dreams sometimes reflect on how I'm feeling, if I'm having quite a bad day then I tend to have bad or disturbing dreams, but on the other hand my dreams can affect the way that I feel if I have a good dream then I tend to have an o.k day.But I'm not sure I really want to know what they mean unless of course I have a good one that is.

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Yeah mine can work like that too. How i feel for the whole day can be controlled on what i dream about. Theres been a number of times for example, iv stayed at my bfs overnight and had a dream about him being unfaithfull. Ill be in the most low and upset mood for the whole day, sometimes longer. Its hard because he thinks hes done something wrong... and i have to try and explain he did, but only in my dream lol

Its amazing how they can effect you in the 'real world'. Whether it be happy, sad or scared.

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Darnit, I was going to add something else but my brain got the better of itself :) lol oh well...

Ah two months later and reading old posts I remember exactly what it was I was going to ask about when I posted that, can't believe I forgot at the time :/ Same topic..

Have night terrors ever been linked to causing seizures or a disorder of sorts that explains this? I don't suffer from them nor have I ever, no one in my family has either,,, but...... about two years ago I remember one specific night that was soo frightful soo terrifying I almost think it might have been worse than the 6 months of debilitating depression I suffered which started right around that time in full force...

I definitely don't remember all the details but I remember I first had another terror like dream, where I was seeing the room, the standup fan was going, but the fan kept getting louder and louder and my brain was working as it does when I'm awake during the day and going nuts. I remember vividly thinking all this stuff, as I started becoming more and more paralyzed until (and I don't remember why) but I was terrified, trying to scream, cry, etc... Finally I awoke sweating, my heart was ready to pop, my GF at the time somehow :/ was too far asleep to even notice... I was soo tired I finally fell asleep again, not sure if I ever TRULY woke up (i've been known to do that a lot, you can wake me, ill talk to you, get up, go back to bed and never remember a thing).. and entered into some deeeeep nightmare, I wasn't in the room this time I was actually deep dreaming, something soo terrifying woke me instantly and that's when I woke up tremoring everywhere basically convulsing, I remember a few seconds went by before I was able to be coherent and sit up and take care of myself, I was too terrified to go to sleep for the next 72hrs.. But I do know that I awoke shaking so severely i'd call it a mild seizure or close..

Any Ideas or thoughts? That was the only time in my life I have ever been sooo scared (the dreams and terrors that is)

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I had a dream about a week ago about some good looking girl who asked me out. She said "Do you want to go out with me and some FRIENDS" - Soon as she said the "friends" part I instantly became nervous about it. It was as if I could think clearly like I normally would. I was thinking 'They're going to think this is a joke. That they don't want me here. That they'll get angry about her inviting me.' Etc etc. It took me 3-4 days to properly understand the dream and to realise why I had it. It showed to me that I care way too much about what other people think of me..

So I think they defently mean something.

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Hi everyone, I still continue to write alot of my dreams down, you might want to check out this site:

http://www.dreammoods.com/ I looked back over my dreams journals for the past few months and I have alot of dreams with treehouses in them Here's what the site says about treehouses: To see or dream you are in a treehouse indicates that you are trying to escape from your waking problems. You are blocking off the harsh reality of daily life.

This is so true about me!

Another common theme I dream about alot is hot air balloons. It says: To see or dream that you are in a hot air balloon suggests that it is time to overcome your depression. The dream may be a metaphorindicating that you are losing your ground or your foothold on some situation/problem. Alternatively it represents the process of individuation ( I think they mean individualization) and your quest to fulfill some spiritual needs.

Once again, it is saying I need to overcome my depression. Hmmmm, where's the how to for that?

tlmorowsky: I looked up airplanes and it says alot about them! Specifically :To dream that a plane crashes, suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize. You are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

I was talking and it was like I wasn't there.. or they couldn't hear me talk. I was invisible to them or something.

Then under windows it says:To see shattered and broken windows, denotes misery and disloyalty.

I wonder if the cracked glass that is not yet shattered maybe could be that you are about to crack under so much pressure?

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  • 6 years later...

Since taking Zyprexa, I have the most vivid dreams ever! Every night without fail It feels like I am living in a psychadelic movie in my sleep. Sometimes it is horrible as I get nightmares, but mostly it is one big adventure in my sleep.

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What a good post this is. Dreams have had me mystified and curious for years. Someone said "that dreams are such a wonderful thing."

Well I would say so if you have dreams that leave you feeling refreshed and happy when you awaken. But what about all those that leave you

frustrated, fatigued, and in a bad mood?

I had water themed dreams when I was working and really struggling making a living, paying the bills, and had a lot of OTJ competition, and times were hard.

I have asked older people if they dream and what they dream about. Some of them tell me that they often dream that they are (as one other person mentioned) back in HS of college. And they are having a big quiz or have a project due and they have not studied, forgot about the test, or project, and they always awaken tired, and with an unpleasant feeling starting out their day.

I have repeats of those and also of work. At work my dreams are that I am suddenly demoted to a job I worked long ago and I have forgotten how to work the job. Or I am transferred to another department working a job which I know nothing about. And when I have these they are always bummers leaving me so tired,

down, sad, and even angry starting out my day.

I have read that one should try concentrating on dreaming something fun and relaxing or even try to think about diverting those bad dreams to good dreams by thinking about changing the role of your dream. Or if you have those bad dreams to concentrate on stopping the dream and telling yourself this is a stupid dream, and then changing your thoughts to something more pleasant.

Alas I have tried and tried it, but I haven't been able to change bad dreams to good dreams or make myself fly in a dream as yet. Maybe one of these nights...

Do you dream in color or black and white?

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I was just looking at dream interpretation online. It seemed that interpretations and predictions explaining certain parts of my dream were dead on. It reminds me of a horoscope, though. I have always read those and usually they are right, sometimes they are wrong. I wonder if there is something behind horoscopes. How do they come up with them? Do they try to make all fortunes relatable. Does this make sense?

anyway, I went to the dreams dictionary and found some things that were dead on. Actually, most of them had already happened or I already knew the could happen. My dreams surprise me most of the time.

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I had a dream that I walked into a restaurant and all my friends from college were there. The girls I came with left me. I was walking to the door and realized that I forgot my license and wasn't dressed to see people. Then I had to walk in alone and I went straight for the bathroom and changed into a dress. I went outside and awkwardly sat down with peers, then realized my dress was see-through. If anyone noticed they didn't let on that they noticed. Then, I was outside and walking towards another bathroom, just to hide from everyone. But, I couldn't walk. I was two weak. I passed a good friend with a group of guys and instead of going with them I went to the bathroom. I was going the complete opposite way as everyone else. A good thing is one of the guys said, I have to go to the bathroom too and two of the group came with me to the bathroom. But, they ran ahead of me and I still couldn't walk well. I had to climb a ton of stairs, then realized the bathrooms were gross. When I came out I shouted over the balcony to the long line of people that the bathrooms were gross.

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Hi ellen... I would love to talk about dreams.

Only thing is for every dream, there can be a hundred interpretations.

Or so has been my experience.

I always say that I will keep paper and pen next to me at night, so when I have a dream I want to remember (like last night)... I'll write it down so I won't forget. But I don't do this because when I wake up I think I can remember...no problem!

After all, a lot of these dreams are so profound that how could I possibly forget them... guess what???

I almost always forget the words that meant so much to me in the dream. I remember the subjuect matter, but it's the words many times that I want to remember.

So here goes my dream from last night (or early this morning)...

A little background first for those who don't know or remember who I am... my mother died quite suddenly from her leukemia in April 2004. We were at odds with each other at the time.

I started taking care of my eldrly father at the time and he died this past August 2005.

I've been wanting to dream about my mother and feel her presence and love since she died.

I've only had a few dreams about her, maybe 4... and they have all been upseting, never "nice feeling" dreams.

Last night I had a dream of my mother. She was pregnant and ready to deliver her baby.

She looked younger (she was almost 82 at her death) but in the dream "we" knew she was older like she was alive today.

She said "I'm ok now I'm going to have a baby"

At least I think this is what she said.

My dad was in my dream as was my dad's cousin, who is also deceased.

My mother's cousin-in-law was in the dream and she was sobbing.

This same woman was crying out of control at my mother's funeral.

We were at a hotel in Disneyland.

Ok everyone.. what does this mean :huh:

hi dreamer :)

not sure what your dreams means but, in my culture seeing a baby is a sign of a parasitic disease. Seeing them together must be a sign of reunion.

as for Disney hotels, my culture has no comments.

Was it a place of fond memories or just your mind telling you that your loved ones are on a vocation so you don't feel so distant from them.

often we tell small children that someone is on vocation when they left for unexplained reasons.

Maybe you were told that sometime in childhood, many children want to go to Disney land on a vocation.


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Recurring dreams caught my eye as I browsed through your thread, ellen. I had a 365 night recurring nightmare. I was severely injured trying to separate my dog and my BIL's dog in a fight. Dumb me did a wong thing in the midst of it all and got bitten. The bite basically crushed and severed the long finger on my right hand. Every night as long as I lived in the same house with my sis and BIL, I would have a vivid dream conerning this dogfight. I look at my damaged hand and wham the dream would occur in the night and I would wake up sweating and scared to death. I couldn't go back to sleep after the dream. I waited a year before I made the decision to move out. I sold my rental house and bought my farm. It took another month before the nightmares stopped. Now this dream only pops up when I am severely depressed because I can look at my hand and remember everything in detail.

As far as interpreting this dream, in real time I have a fear of dogfights. So if I see two dogs begin to posture, I get a sinking feeling in my gut, almost go into a severe panic attack and a desire to run for my life.

I will definitely come back to this thread.

Sheepwoman :baaa:

Oh i get this one recurrently too. My dog got attacked by another dog early last year. It was pretty bad. I still have dreams (just had one) of her getting into a fight with that dog

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I don't dream often. I always hipper alert and sometimes forget to close my eyes. I know that's a little creepy. I am aware of every sound and light. I tried sleeping pills, they just make me tired.

So I drink, I am not an alcoholic but it has become a routine. I used to read at nights, watch movies, music, workout and now im here on DF.

I don't get nightmares, but i have a strange recurring dream.

I am falling in the dark. It is so dark I can hardly make out my hands. I keep falling, but not crashing, it feels like forever, then i suddenly feel panic and overwhelmed with the horror of never crashing, I cant breath because I am falling faster and faster stay stuck in my free fall. This has haunted me since I was 9. I cant make sense of it.

In seventh grade i wrote a poem about it for class (i was told by my teacher it was to strange to read aloud, even though i gave it an optimistic twist) I kept it because it was so real to me:

Flying in My Dreams

Flying, flying,

into depth.

Darkness, darkness

There is no end.

Searching, looking

Without faith.

Faster, swifter

in one breath.

Endless, endless

In this fall.

Losing patience for it all

But the dream does on

And on.

its such an emotional dream, I just keep hyperventilating as I wake up and so exhausted.


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Interesting dream, ink. Funny how dreams torment us, yet are tailored to our experience as if to tell us something.

One that I have that is particularly bothersome, is being in the backseat of a car while it's going. There's a strong feeling of distress obviously as I'm trying to shuffle and manuver to the front seat in order to hit the brakes, but something always catches my foot or blocks me.

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I had years to analyse my dream and is seems like it might represent my anxieties. The falling in darkness could be my feeling of loosing control and not knowing what comes next.

Your dream, Trueblu sound similar. May be its your confidence. Perhaps its about something you can do but not confident enough to take charge of?


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I had years to analyse my dream and is seems like it might represent my anxieties. The falling in darkness could be my feeling of loosing control and not knowing what comes next.

Your dream, Trueblu sound similar. May be its your confidence. Perhaps its about something you can do but not confident enough to take charge of?


Could be, I've tended to think of it in more general terms, being in my late 20's I feel life is moving at a much faster pace than I'm able to deal with. My depression started at around age 23 when I was confronted with the "adult world" and I've never quite been able to come to terms with it, like a skier who loses his footing at the start of the race and proceeds to slide down the hill. But I know we're not always the best intepreters of our own dreams. Another one that I've had which is similar is being late for class, or a job, even though I'm not working or in school-- it's fairly frequent.

If I were to make any bold attempt at your dream, I might say your parents divorced, you moved a lot when you were younger, or you've had to put up with someone close to you who's had a prolonged problem.

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My parents did divorce, but that was the happiest moment of my life. We practically begged our mother to set her self free. We did move and my mother had issues after. But the thing is that dream has been with me long before the separation or traveling. I have always been so indecisive and always pressured to make a choice.

The late dreams are quite common- everyone I know gets them sometimes.

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  • 2 months later...

The other night I had a dream that I'd confronted the my friends, who I haven't spoken to since they kicked me out of the house. I felt so much closure in that conversation. It went my way, and they finally understood what they've done wrong, especially in singling me out so extremely. But I woke up, and while I feel a little less angry than I did about a week ago, I'm still very upset with the situation.

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When I sleep I dream a lot. In fact it seems that i am always in a dream whenever I wake up. Many of the dreams are re-occurring dreams. Most dreams do not make any sense. My meds make my dreams more vivid. When I was on lexapro my dreams were extremely vivid and after waking up I had to work to separate reality from the dream. I wake up tired every day.

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