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Can Someone Please Help Me

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Hi My name is Jennifer. I'm a 23 year old single mother of a two year old boy. I have suffered from Panic attacks for 7 years, but I never knew it was a disorder until recently. I have been on lexapro 15mg for two years which seemed to work okay. I had attacks here and there, but usually recovered and went on with my life. About three weeks ago I had a panic attack so bad that since then I've been extremley depressed and scared of having another attack. I walk around all day feeling unreal, my house isn't as comfortable as it use to be, my son doesn't make me smile like usual. About two weeks ago my doctor upped my lexapro to 20mg once a day and I'm taking xanax xr .5mg two times a day. The xanax helps a little, but I feel so sad about everything. I can't enjoy life like I usually do. I stopped drinking caffine, won't drive over bridges, and am scared to travel long distances like I did before the attacks started. I am suppose to start seeing a counselor (a Doctor) that deals with mental health problems in a week. HAS ANYONE BEEN THROUGH THIS AND GOTTEN BETTER? I DON'T WANT TO LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE LIKE THIS. Jenny

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:hearts: to DF Jewel

I have suffered from panic attacks most of my adult life,(I am 43) I used to be afriad to do a lot of things. After a while I got use to them and knew when one was coming. I try to avoid things that will cause them (crowds). But for the most part I just keep my lorazapam with me at all times and when I feel one coming I just take that med and it seems to keep it mostly at bay.

also you can learn deep breathing and relaxation teqnics to help keep yourself calm...ask your therapist when you see him about these things. I think our admin team posted deep breathing some where on the portal page of the forum.

I hope this helps a bit for now till you see the doc.

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I used to suffer with panic attacks until I learned how to deal with them.

When you panic, you hyperventilate and breath out too much Carbon Dioxide. This is what you makes you feel 'weird' and it can be very painful. In order to relieve the symptoms, you need to do one of two things:-

1) Breath into a brown paper bag - this increases the Carbon Dioxide in your system and reduces the strange feelings.

2) Repeat a simple nursery rhyme in your head - your brain can only cope with so many things at once. Doing this stops you worrying about panicking, and stops you hyperventilating almost immediately.

In addition to the above, the most important thing you need to do is stop fearing panic attacks, they can't hurt you! The worst thing that can happen is that you pass out or make yourself feel daft in front of people. What you will come to realise is that people are very sympathetic to panic attack sufferers and in addition, they are more common than we realise.

Once you stop fearing them, I guarantee that they will go away. I haven't had one for three years, simply because I don't care if I do have another one.

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