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How Do You Identify Yourself?

Are you GLBT?  

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  1. 1. How many of us here identify as....

    • Gay Male
    • Lesbian
    • Bisexual
    • Transgender
    • Undecided/unsure
    • Other (please specify)

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Bisexual, or pansexual, really. Sexually, I'm a bit more attracted to the female body. Romantically, I think I'm pretty much in the middle. I don't think gender is at all a factor in whether I could fall in love with someone. I can't say I have a lot of experience, though, as I've not been with anyone but the boy I am with now (and I don't plan on that ever changing). :inlove:

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To quote my previous posts:

I "label" myself heterosexual as it helps to blend into society (and why not if it makes life so much easier) although I have no worries about dating men. I'd say my true nature is bisexual as I swing between both men and women.

I like to think of it as a fake designer label, has brought the copy-righted trade mark but is actually made by the local supermarket and half the price. :)


I have finally come out! :yay:

25th November 2012.

I haven't told many people yet about being bisexual but I have told a few (a close friend today and a brother yesterday.) I am still weary of telling people but baby steps first. I can now stop lying about who I am and finally enjoy myself.


I am now attending my local regular LGBT meetings, I guess this means I've stepped out by letting everyone know that I'm bisexual. :)

I've officially come out :Coopyahoo:

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I don't really identify with any of the labels as I see myself as romantically "open."

Because it's what I'm most familiar with (and because I don't actively try to seek out women)... I'd generally pick "straight" ... However, I've been attracted to women (and I dated one for a while in highschool). I'd be open to pretty much anything as long as I had a strong enough emotional connection. I don't really see the need for such rigid preferences.

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Bisexual definitely. But with girls it's only a physical thing, I don't think I could ever get into a long term relationship with a girl. I want kids and I wanna get married to a guy. I really like men, I just find a lot of women to be sexually attractive, which I know sounds wrong but it's the truth lol

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Well, according to Wikipedia and AVEN, I am a 55 year old panromantic, asexual lesbian ... which basically means I am emotionally attracted to anyone, identify with the lesbian community, and want no sexual contact whatsoever. I find myself attracted to effeminate men, masculine women, am intrigued by FtM, and love to look at "pretty" men (but from a distance). I've been married, raised three grown kids, and was in a same-sex relationship .... Basically, I guess I seek companionship more than a sexual relationship, because I don't feel that way toward anyone. And that's not even the reason I'm depressed -- just lonely :-(

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Im going for unsure really, i think the official guidelines are to strict and sexuality is a very fluid and continuous scale rather than one of discrete values.

Im either bisexual or a form of asexual by conventional terms which i know seems daft. I am attracted to people, of both genders, and i do (well did till recently, but thats another story) want a relationship, however am really quite indifferent to sex. It was my last bf, who actually just after sex called me asexual, i was offended but he might be right.

As a child i was more attracted to females than males (im female, dunno if my profile says) but didnt really make a big thing about it, as a teen i dated men, i have loved men and have only slept with males, but i still am attracted to women, have kissed women, and wouldnt rule out being in a relationship with one. I think i have only really been with men because on a level its easier, its whats expected, on a night out males approach me and i get to know them and thats how it goes, if a woman approached i would be equally open to seeing if a relationship developed. I guess im just too shy. I did say that the next relationship i wanted would be with a woman but i stumbled across an old male friend and old sparks returned. As for the thoughts of asexuality, in a relationship sex is so unimportant to me, i have had 10 month long relationships without sex perfectly happily, and even when having sex, i dont know, i dont think i feel the same about it as others, i basically do it for cuddles after. Possibly i feel differently about sex due to my life, can you be an environmentally induced asexual? The first man i loved was a rapist to many of my friends, that really changed my opinion on sex and i frankly never wanted to have it. But then i fell in love and i did the traditional if i dont sleep with him he will leave (which is true he admitted as much) and this first man i slept with was sexually abusive. I have slept with one man since so i suppose it didnt completely put me off, and yeah that was again the i will do anything for love like a sucker. I still have very complicated thoughts of sex. So complicated i cant even form a sentence of how i feel about it.

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I love these forums. Haha.

I consider myself as a sexual being, and I'm very attracted to certain people's personalities.

If people ask me, and I'm comfortable with them, I'll just tell them I'm bisexual, since that seems to be the easiest way of going about it.

However, I do feel like there's a scale. And, I tend to lean more on the male side than the female side.

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To be perfectly honest I have no idea at all. I know I am definetely not pansexual. (Pansexual is attracted to every single variation of gender and sex, such as transexuals, whilst bisexual is specifically just male and female)

I've only ever dated once, and that was with the opposite sex. I'd probably say I'm not particularly attracted to anyone really. :/ I notice when people are aesthetically pleasing and when they are not, but I am attracted to them regardless of looks.

I'd probably say I'm somewhere around bisexual, meaning I would engage in sexual activity with either sex. But I'm not sure I'd actually want to be intimate with anyone, so I have absolutely no clue how to define myself.

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I'm bisexual, completely and utterly. For years I've thought I've had to pick a side and that really confused me. Gay people have said nah you're just straight while straight people like to think I'm gay. And this would cause me to go back and forth like you wouldn't believe. I didn't realise, and I know this sounds silly, but I honestly didn't realise that I didn't have to pick a side. There was no choice to be made. I'm simply emotionally and sexually attracted to both men and women. And it's only recently I've came to realise this fully.

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I am transgender lesbian. I am m to f post op 14 years. That being stated i do not think that we fall into neat categories. As gender and sexuality is a definate "spectrum" .

Some months ago I,for the first time in a long long time experimented sexually with a male .The entire experience was just terrible and in the end i was sexually violated in a specific way ( i will not elaborate) without my permission. It was a terrible experience and soured me off men for good i would say.

I am finding my self drawn more towards "lesbian separatist" ( a formerly outdated philosophical stand) philosophy. I have big issues with men ,this I realize.

The fact that for the first time I chose to engage with a male in round 20 years and the result was an act that amounted to sexual violation was amazing as he seemed like a OK gent and I had known him for a time before the engagement.

My gender although I state that I am lesbian female philosophically I also entertain such concepts a bi ,Polly , asexual ,pan ,Span ,fluid etc in regards to identification and sexual orientation.

I stated above gender and sexuality is a “spectrum” .

I believe that there is not a person on earth who neatly fits into a category and the spectrum concept is useful in self identification as why if I was strictly a lesbian would I choose to experiment with the opposite gender and i do not beleive i am anywhere near alone in such attitude. Why shouls we put our selves in catagories so strictly .In the end the catagorgries just enforce a policing of behaviour in a sense. That being stated i do not live in a western culture .I live in a culture where gender is determined by utterly different paramaters than in the west.

Men have always been a mystery to me and the male spectrum is quiet evident to me.

At essence I do believe we are all the same spirit however there are profound layers of difference between male and female.

Personally I clash with people on the extreme end of the male spectrum. I clash really bad.

Than other men I get along with quiet well so i would say whats happening here is that i get on with men who are probably less male than say a man who is extremly male.Thats not making much articulation sorry.

That begs the question ,of course ,what essentially is male and what is female and the nature of these layers i talk about and what make up these layers of male and female that intertwine into the essential spirit .

I know that the male is usually very visio spacial orientated.

I know the female is much more language orientated. however this is a gross generalization.

Some one asked me just the other night to elaborate on the concept but I found my self floundering for articulation of my concepts. I will investigate and contemplate more in regards to these ideas.

Just throwing round concepts. Men and women in my mind don’t really exit as I stated I believe its a spectrum but definitely not a linear spectrum. The spectrum has a number of dimensions that intersect like a hologram . So in a sense this post opens for me a can of worms.Apologies if its inarticulate but im just floundering round in my concepts. The request to elaborate upon my basic concepts started me investigating such philosophical content from Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault,Jacques Lacan,Cameal Pagflia, Luce Irigaray and thats just the start.

So dose this post have anything to do with depresion for me my gender reassignment was late (round age 30) and pre reassignment or gender correction as we call it i was utterly myserable and for sure my gender issues contributed to profound bouts of depression. That being stated the fcat is that any gender correction procedures do not make one onto essentially the the gender wishes to be what i dose is reallign the gender to a gender that is less in conflict with the essence.

My gender still contributes to bouts of depression but not hearly as much as before. Living in a society that entertains the concept of "two spirit" is profoundly soothing and also neatly fits into my concept of gender being a spectrum.Yeah i think that is a magnificent concept as we are all two spirit to a digree i beleive. In every male there is some female and in every female there is male. Im happy with that. This post is a bit of a ramble sorry bout that but kinda read between the lines.

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I'm a cisgender male, polysexual and polyamorous. I tell most people I'm "bi" when I don't feel like explaining progressive gender/sexuality terminology. Amusingly, I often don't have to mention being polyamorous because there's a whole lot of ignorant people out there who think every bisexual person just wants to hook-up with anyone willing at any time.

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