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Sleeping On The Couch...


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I slept on the couch pretty much all summer last year while my room was being remodeled, then I slept on the couch at the beach too. The couch at my house is small and cramped, so I wouldn't prefer it all the time, but I definitely liked sleeping there; I had the tv if I needed it, and the kitchen was just a few feet away! Lol! It became kind of calming down there, where I could be by myself and not upstairs where my parents were sleeping a few feet away. Plus if I got up early enough I could arrange the fkaps on the windows, lay back and watch the sunrise! The only con about sleeping on my couch is that my pup sleeps with me a lot and there's not much room for the both of us on it :(

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Hi, all. I just became a member after seeing the posts about "couch sleeping" from several years ago...Anyway, I've been going to couch instead of bed for at least a month now. Sometimes I do end up getting in my bed - after several hours of watching tv or being on the computer while sitting/lying on my living room couch. I think partly it's that I live in Alaska where we get so little daylight in the winter; also this is the first winter I'm not in Prozac but  St. John's Wort instead. It's a lot of things, in reality, I suppose.  My "grown" Autistic-spec son, my melancholy way of viewing life...My husband who is still on his Prozac doesn't "get" my problem with darkness here in AK. He says he just realizes problems are all the same whether it's light or dark outside. I told him to look up SAD, but he says to me in a strangely light-hearted way that doing that might make him realize he SHOULD be sad when it's dark out, lol!

Well, anyway, group, it's still daylight right now, so I'm not as "sad." And I just thought I'd say Hi to all of you:)

Thanks for reading. I hope to be a big part of our group, reading and sharing with everyone. So, cheers! - as they now say. I don't usually say it, as I just turned 60 which for a female marks "nearing the end of life as I knew it." 

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Hi BeyondWeary and JD - hope this gets to you both, couldn't find how to reply to you individually...I live in Palmer, AK  - "SouthCentral" about 45 min north of Anchorage depending on the traffic and weather:) Yes, I do love many aspects of Alaska, the beauty of the scenery, the laid backness of life, never worrying about what you're wearing, the kind, tough souls who stick it out here year after year. The moose are kinda cool too as long as you don't run into one on a dead, dark frigid night on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere...which is a lot of places here come to think of it:) 

And yet...the long stretches of darkness which lasts from November through Feb is tough for me to deal with, especially as we live in a house in the shadow of a large mountain, so we're in the shade with no direct sunlight for several months. We do live on a river,  a frozen one for those same months, plus several more. Again, gorgeous place. But if you need sunlight to lighten your mood, this ain't the place for you. 

BeyondWeary I have a half sister who lives in Palm Desert, CA  and went out to see her a few years ago. What a different kind of place that is! I went in March or April, I believe, so it wasn't hot yet. Very lovely. Still, for me, on the warm side. But my sis wouldn't think of putting her toe in a swimming pool. Btw, up here there are NO outdoor swimming pools. Only indoor - usually attached to some high school. Inside, dark green or blue walls. Once back outside, if you didn't dry your hair, it freezes to your head. 

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