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The "used to be" questions are hard to answer because the "pessimism bias" in my current state of mind. I don't have an accurate, trustworthy reference point to really say how I felt about how things "used to be" because I'm incapable of even finding any congruence between the memories and moods. What may have been really thrilling or enjoyable times now seem quite modest and mildly satisfying.


This is something that really bothers me with these diagnostic tools and I can only hope professionals are far more thorough in their examination and history taking, which should include interviews with at least three or four loved ones or close associates before honing in on a diagnosis. From my experience with psychiatrists and psychologists this is rarely the case. One hour of questions then *bam* - here's your label. I should make badges out of them and sew them into a blanket or sash. I've collected quite a number over the years.

Yyyyyyeahhhh it's like, I begin to wonder when I was really happy.  Was I ever?  Sometimes can't remember.  I get excited over something and the s/o says wow I haven't seen you that happy forever and I think huh?  I wasn't happy?  Wow from the outside I must look.... well, that tells me more about how depressed I must be, than any self-evaluation. 

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71 here. As many have mentioned, I felt the questions about eating and weight were a bit unfair.

Discovering this means I'm severely depressed has had the opposite effect on me from what you'd expect. It's comforting. I feel validated. Up until now, my feelings weren't real in my eyes. They still aren't, but they're a little less fake now, at least.

EDIT: I just wanted to say, having seen some people whose scores fell in the normal range, but who still feel depressed: it's not a contest. I think I speak for many people on this site when I say, whether or not you're actually, clinically depressed (and this scale isn't even the final word on that) is immaterial to the fact that we're here for you. Depression is hard, but sadness is hard, too, and we folks who have it rough need to stick together. To everyone: please contact me about anything.

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I found a link to the test on my own just googling it. For those interested:

 [please PM member for link]


it it worked on my iPhone, for those of you using a phone to connect here. It also will tell you where you scale once the test is complete.

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