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Citalopram Not Working Second Time Round

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Hi there, I used to take Citalopram 20mg about 5 years ago.

This was my first ever AD after I had an illness on a comedown after a big night out clubbing. Usually on a comedown you feel crap for a day or 2 then back to normal but this on occasion something happened which has left me with severe depression that has not ever gone away. The fact that I was ill with something at the time (flu or infection) has left me to believe that whatever pumps the happy drug into our brains every second of the day was destroyed that weekend and may never return, a thought that leaves me in tears everytime I think about it too much.

Even though I have not touched anything like that again since the incident, the depression dominates my life everyday and feel may play a apart in my end if I cannot find the answer, (bleak i know but not as bleak as the thought of trying to live a life with this illness)

I felt i had the answer with Citalopram a year after the incident occured. I felt normal again, enjoying life and was progressing with things. Then a year after starting the meds they started to not work as well. From then until now I have tried many AD's but none have worked as well as Citalopram, never to the point of feeling 10 out of 10 (the system I use to describe my mood from day to day

So at christmas 2008 this I started taking Citalopram again. Unfortunatly, 3 months on this med, that had helped so much before, had little effect and I gave up with it and am trying something else (Mirtazapine)

I was just wondering if anyone knew why the AD's had no effect the second time around even though it was such a long time since I was on them before? Any replies would be much appretiated.

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