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Alternative Thought Record

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(Cognitive Therapy Self-Help Tool)

SITUATION: Describe an event or situation, that occurred within the last few

hours, or days at the most, in which you experienced

emotional distress.

WHEN did it happen?

WHO was involved?

WHERE did it happen?

WHAT happened?

FEELINGS: Describe the feelings that arose at that time. (Remember,

feelings can usually be expressed in one word.) Rate the

intensity of your feelings from 0-100%.

AUTOMATIC THOUGHTS: List one or two of the most intense thoughts

or images that you had at the time of the event.

COGNITIVE TRAPS OR DISTORTIONS: Examine your thoughts and images

to see if there are cognitive distortions (Refer to the Cognitive

Traps thread).

ALTERNATIVE THOUGHT: Describe an alternative, balanced way of thinking

about this event. Notice the cognitive distortions in your

original thinking, and create a new statement that balances

or eliminates those distortions.

Rate the intensity of you feelings now, from 0-100%.

(You may want to copy this and add to your journal whenever situations occur that make you distressed. Again this exercise turns negative feelings and emotions into positive thoughts and reactions.)

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Thanks for the tool Sheepwoman :bump:

I think this could also help me to become aware of certain things that cause me to fall back into negative thought patterns. Sometimes I just don't know where a particular thought comes from.

Take care!

Autumn :hearts:

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i'm so glad i found this forum. I'm an absolutely massive CBT fan, and have been using CBT concepts to get myself out of a paralysing depression. fantastic. I like this post, it shows how the power of interpretation.

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