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I haven't journaled in a while. Sometimes it good to get it out, and other times it just makes me realize how often I feel miserable, anxious, tired or helpless and I don't like thinking about that most of the time. I actually realized something was wrong by keeping a journal my last year of high school. Thank God for the counseling center at college or I never would've been diagnosed. 

I get the urge to write poetry when I'm feeling down, so I guess that's my way of expressing myself over journaling. It's easier to describe how I feel in metaphor sometimes. I also find it more cathartic. 

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I only journal when I'm going through a really hard time and I do feel it helps a lot. I can't commit to daily journaling. I don't feel that would work for me as I probably won't have much to say anyways. It's a nice outlet to let all ur feelings out. 

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