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Effexor Success Story

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Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted here. Mainly because I'm doing very well and am out there enjoying life. Let me give you a quick background...

I've suffered from severe anxiety for 15 years, I'm only in my late 20's. I've had ups and very down downs. I was so anxoius at times I would throw up and lost so much weight because I was so nervous I kept spewing. I was first on Aropax/paxil for about ten years. It seemed to work somewhat, but I could still experience extreme anxiety. I went off it a few times when things were going well and I wanted to see if I could cope without it. ALways I would relapse into a shaking mess within 3 months. So I would go back on it.

About a year ago I went off it, then when I tried going back on it as usual, I experienced even worse anxiety, having a very bad reaction. I couldn't sleep and had constant anxiety. My doc took me off after awhile when my weight just kept droppping. Then he tried me on Zoloft. This made me feel very depressed, and my anxiety didn't improve. I gave it 3 months, for 3 motnhs I toughed it out feeling worse then ever. When I thought there was no hope left my doc tried me on Effexor.

The afternoon of the morning I started effexor, I started feeling better. I couldn't beleive a med could work so fast. I was suspicous. My mood kept lifting, my anxiety decreased and my appetite came back. I was on 75mg/day. But then after 3 weeks I started feeling anxious again. I was so worried that this was that initial "high" that people had mentioned on this forum. I was convinced the drug had stopped working and I would have to try another drug. My doc upped the dose to 150mg, again I felt better almost immediatley, of course I was suspicious thinking it was only short term. But since then I haven't looked back.

I am almost anxiety free, my anxiety I would say is what normal people experience. I have put weight on and am doing so well.

I had some short term side effects - constipation and some digestive problems like heart burn. But nothing major. The constipation went away and I still get a bit of heart burn.

Yes I've also regularly had therapy. I've read many books, cbt books anything I could get my hands on that I thought would help. I practiced CBT for many many months, slowly but surely I've gotten better and better. I try to excercise every day becae it really helps my anxiety. No it wasn't easy, and yes I had to do a couple of extra thingsother than just taking Effexor. But Effexor has worked so far for me. I have been able to hold down a good job, and I'm even doing extra study now. I have a girlfriend that I love and she has been very supportive (yes it's possible to hold down a relationship with anxiety!!!).

This isn't just for those who are about to start taking effexor. Nor am I saying Effexor will fix everything and everyone. This is for those people that are going through a real rough patch, those who think there's no hope left, those who are still searching for the right meds. There is hope!!! It will get better!!!

Never give up :)

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