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We warmly welcome you as a guest to our "New Home"!

Depressionforums.ORG is our brand new 'home' Since July 12th, 2004 and is still and shall always be the safe haven for all those who seek support and information on depression, mood disorders and medication since June of 2001. We are still the ORIGINAL Depressionforums and always will be and .net.
Depressionforums was started back in June 2001
We had changed Domains in '04 from .com to .org, as we moved the Depression to a brand new Invision Power Board  (IPB) back in Sept '05 and changed our servers as well.

With the major help of Coop; our wonderful Administrator/Technician/Webmaster back then.
LGJ: Our CEO and Managing Director; Lindsay; Founder and Forum Super Administrator; Past Admins and Mods who were of great help: 

Coop: Admin/Technician/Webmaster; Sheepwoman: Administrative Assistant; Lambvet: Assistant Administrator and of course with the past help of Emily, Ados, Michelle, Rasputin; our past Administrators and Technicians, we were able to develop our new IPB board.
Please bookmark this site in your favorite places.

We have just completed a Major upgrade with IPS now in 2016 (in which they now call themselves) and still have many "hiccups" to take care of.  @DF  is always the Safe Haven since 2001 and we shall always be.

So please bare with us! :happy:


Our Help Files should be re-inserted soon on our top bar.

Most of our forums have a clickable link of 'Forum Rules' at the top of each page. Please read them and take the time to read all the information in our Terms of Service and our Guidelines.
We would like you to get to know us and we want to get to know you! The information contained in this area and our help section will make your visits with us more productive and pleasant.

Regarding Our Blogs which are great! Easy peasy! Please read all information posted in your Settings after you have five topics posted.


To register:
Registering is easy, right next to our log in for Members.
Again, welcome to DF and let us help you on your road to recovery.
You are not alone.


The Depressionforums the Administration Team


 The is the ORIGINAL Depression Forums, a not for profit, free volunteer peer to peer discussion board on depressive illnesses, treatment options and support.

The Depression Forums mission is to continue to create an atmosphere that is both supportive and informative for our members, in a caring safe environment for members to talk to their peers about their depression, anxiety, mood disorders, medications, therapy and recovery.

Our vision is to advance the public awareness of mental health issues, so as to eliminate the stigma that is associated with depression and other mood disorders, preventing the stigmas through education and advocacy and not forgetting to strive to obtain that equality in health care coverage, as it is no different from any other medical illness.




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