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1970s, bell bottoms, Farrah hair (Entertainment)

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You can pick anytime you like.  What are your memories when you go back?  A quieter time.  Easy days.  Tell a fond childhood memory.  Maybe it was a crush back then that you chuckle at now.  Maybe it was a TV show, Charlie's Angels.  Maybe you were the guy in bell bottoms trying to get from the east coast to the west using your thumb.  You just couldn't miss that concert or see that girl you met at summer camp.  Or you're that girl who believes (name) will marry you if you can just slip backstage (behind the throng of other fans).

I picked the 70s because I heard it was a pretty cool time.  Let's keep it light and easy.  Or maybe you were the nerd, you've still got tales.  Funny ones!  Stephen King and his brother were kids who found some way to accidentially knock out neighbor's electricity. 

My grandmom said the 1970s was a groovy time.  Hey name your songs.  Movies!  Or pick a year and name why you like it.   Have fun.  Or try to? 

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Video games too.  When they had things like Atari or intellivision I didn't care about video games at all.  When Nintendo came out with the system that had Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and that track meet game I stayed awake for about 4 days playing those games.

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