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Did Increasing Lexapro From 10 Mg To 20 Mg Help Reduce Your Anxiety?

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Lexapro absolutely didn't work for me until I went up to 20mg but was lucky enough not to have side effects. The psychologist I was seeing said to wait at least 6 weeks on the higher dose to see the full effects. I have since been up to 30mg and feel like this is actually the ideal dose for me. I did it myself because I knew that higher doses are required for OCD type symptoms, my GP didn't seem to know a lot about this though but she was good, I just told her I'm on 30mg and this is the dose that gets rid of my chronic "butterflies in the stomach", I think more clearly in social situations and feel like a normal person.

I take Ginkgo Biloba as well now though for the sexual dysfunction side effects and it 100% effective.

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