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Hi it's HeatherG

How is everyone doing?  Let's post after this and change the Topics area in the Forums.  How was everyone's New Year?  Any hopes, aspirations or dreams or, not so good start to the New Year.  Mine's?  Ugh.  But I'm here..  Did anyone travel?  Stay alone?  Oh, how about Christmas, or "the holiday" (for those who don't celebrate Christmas).  Has anyone gotten a lot of snow?  Not one flake where I am in the upper Northeast.  I no longer believe in new year's resolutions, but does anyone have things they're looking forward to?  Or trying to stop?  Or working on?

Did anyone visit family?  Anyone want to talk about the lonliness?  I got so lonely, and I'm not that type, but I called a crisis line just for someone to say hello to me.  I'll probably laugh about this later.  I have a weird sense of humor.  I'm not ashamed, it really felt nice.  I speak a lot about finding a therapist, but, like now I can't find one.  It's hard to match insurances or they're all booked up.  But I'll keep trying, I think.  I will.

What did you all get for the holiday?  Gifts.  I received a book and perfume.  I even bought myself a book and I haven't been able to read-read for YEARS.  I love books.  And I'm reading!

Okay, well, I hope everyone is ok.  I really do.  Hey what's everyone watching on TV or movies?  Or, talk about your favorite music.  I haven't been able to listen to music lately.  But I love learning about new music or old music.  Can anyone tell me about Bach's Allegro?  Violins in that music are mind blowing magnificent.  Oh, bye for now.

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