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Wellbutrin / Pristiq and Abilify


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So I have been on 50 mg of pristiq for a few months now. About 2 weeks ago, my dr added in 2mg of abilify as well


i have gained nearly 16 pounds since starting, and although the ability has really improved my suicidal thoughts and depression - it seems I am going hypo 


today my dr told me he is adding in 150mg of Wellbutrin. Has anyone ever heard of this combo?

I know Wellbutrin is supposed to be great for weight loss etc but wondering what that would be like on this combination 

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hmm thats a good question.  I take paxil which i think is similar to pristiq.  I've been on it forever.  One time i took Wellbutrin and whew, it made me very anxious.  At the time i wasnt also taking Paxil thoughm so I dont know about the two together.  How are you feeling now? 

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