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Having a Bad Day - It's my birthday


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I am having a bad day and in a sad mood all day. It's my birthday. It's a day I should be celebrating and having a good time and enjoying life. Instead, I just got done crying for 10 minutes because I just felt worthless and a failiure. I am not happy.....


  • I'm not happy with my job, so I apply for promotions....except I am turned down....constantly turned down. 
  • Because I am not happy in my job and can't get a promotion, so I apply with a new company. I apply, I interview, I am turned down. 
  • I am not happy because I had a wife, but got divorced. So I started trying to date. Last date lasted only an hour and I was told "you are loser and you will die a loser". 


I tried to cheer myself up...I turned on some music....only to break down crying. 

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The one that said that to you is the loser.  I don't get it at all.  Being awful to someone on a date makes no sense to me at all.  By going on the date you're saying I like you.  Maybe I can be the one to make you happy and give you a good life.  The response back is basically a middle finger.  Why waste the time to end the day that way?  I just hope you had a great birthday.  

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Happy belated birthday! Life is tough, I never expect anything on my birthdays anymore. I might be in your shoes soon, I am resigning from my job. Difference I guess is I have savings n hope to be able to survive on that alone before finding another job and facing rejections over n over again. 

It’s ok to cry. Crying releases happy hormones that last for an hour or so for us to do what needs to be done. Then after one hour, I’ll cry again to get those happy hormones again. This is how I decide I need to cry. Doesn’t make life better. The happy hormones don’t last. But it gets me moving for awhile. 

You are definitely not a loser. You tried,  you got a job means you got what it takes to get accepted for the job, you got an interview means u worked hard to send out resume or to look for a job, you went on a date means you tried to make your life better to find someone who can understand you. And if that person says you are a loser, means she definitely don’t understand you and you do not need her at all. You set a goal, you worked hard on a difficult problem, and you did your best. Results do not matter because I see your actions as something admirable and worthy, so tell yourself that you are a worthy person, because everything u did seems very difficult to me but u did it. 

You are not happy…yet. I’m not happy right now either. One day we will get 5 min of happiness eating chocolate. And that’s enough for me 🥲

We’re here if you need to whine. Not easy. Life is hard. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been a couple of weeks but I am glad that the holidays are over....Christmas is over....New Years is over.....I can try and get back to somewhat of a normal....if not pathetic version of normal. I don't know about anyone else but I didn't receive any presents....nothing for my birthday and nothing for Christmas. Only things I got was a birthday card signed by co-workers and several of those "family photo holiday cards".... I am sure you know what I am referring to. About the only gift I received was one that I got for myself.....a new computer keyboard... It's a gaming keyboard from Corsair....the kind that lights up. I needed a new one because my old one died on me when I accidently spilled water on it and shorted it out. 

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