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It's been 3 years I am suffering bipolar disorder

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I suffer from mood swings

I always used to change my discord username frecruently

Nowadays my flaws change repeatedly for example like i like one thing at a time after sometime i don't like the same thing I feel stupid about it

I say to my mom i wont do that thing later on I do it

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I'm so sorry you are burdened with mood swings.  They can be brutal.  Since I suffer from unipolar depression, I don't know much about bipolar so hopefully those with bipolar experience will see your post and respond to it with something helpful. 

There is a famous professor of psychiatry in the US who suffers from bipolar disorder.  She has written books about the illness.  Her name is Kay Redfield Jamison.  I don't remember the names of all of her books.  One is called "The Unquiet Mind."  Another book, I think is called "Night Falls Fast."

Since she teaches in the Psychiatry Department at John Hopkins University and also suffers from bipolar, I wonder if you might find her books helpful to you?

Sorry that I don't know how to be helpful.  My heart goes out to you.

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