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Emotional numbness emptiness and apathy


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I have intense emotional numbness apathy and lack of empathy.

i feel no emotions good or bad - just apathy and emptiness. I cannot feel happy sad angry anxious . I just feel self pity and regret at what has happened to me . I feel like I’ve lost my whole personality to numbness . This is terrible for me . I feel brain damaged - like I have no emotions and no drive and no ambition.

it is terribly frustrating because there are so many things I want to do but none of them motivate me or make me feel

i also suffer from lack of pleasure . I cant feel satisfied when I do something or feel pleasure .

it’s a really nasty empty feeling . I am not depressed but this emptiness and numbness is really ******* me ruining my quality of life and ruining my relationships 

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The voices are telling me they have done surgery on me and that’s why I have no emotions no pleasure and no empathy .

i feel angry and robbed. I didn’t consent to surgery , I never wanted surgery this was all inflicted on me 

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Problem is I don’t want to do anything . I cannot motivate myself to do anything it’s an awful feeling - I also hear voices saying sexist and misogynistic things . I feel like it’s out of my control 

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