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Apathy anhedonia and Avolition


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im a 26 year old student from wales .  I’m hearing voices all the time they are unpleasnent , sleazy and nasty.

I also have been feeling this intense discomfort underneath my scalp and inside my head . It is itchy burning wet and achy. It feels like I can’t feel pleasure or comfort and I am constantly uncomfortable. As you can imagine this damages my mental health !! 
i already struggle with motivation and apathy . As well as the discomfort I feel this intense emotional numbness - no emotions good or bad, happy or sad no excitement . I have all these things I could be doing but yet I feel paralysed I can’t do any of them . It’s very frustrating for me .

the only thing I can feel is mild anxiety and panic 

the reason I struggle to motivate myself is because nothing gives me a reward - when I do something I feel no pleasure no sense of satisfaction and no achievement . I also feel empty and no emotions 

I think if I could feel reward it would be different

i am worried that my brain is damaged in some way - that there is something wrong with it 

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I think the lack of pleasure is the main problem. The apathy and emotional numbness is also a problem.

i cannot for the life of me motivate myself - it is incredibly difficult when all you feel is discomfort and emptiness and flatness . I woke up feeling okay today but my mood has rapidly declined in the last hour 

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