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Emotional numbness , apathy, anhedonia

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I’m a 26 year old student from wales . I have been taking mirtazapine for a couple of months . I am feeling very emotionally numb and empty . I cant feel happy or sad and it’s really starting to depress me . I feel numb to negative emotions but I also feel numb to all the happy ones . I hate feeling like a numb zombie . I spend hours in my room alone with this awful empty feeling , lying in bed unable to sleep and unable to distract myself . I feel this discomfort all the time and I can’t relax or feel comfort . It is a horrendous way to live I need some help on how to fight the numbness and feel alive again ! 

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I also suffer from pain and discomfort underneath my scalp meaning I physically can’t relax or feel comfort . It’s another horrible symptom. i hear voices as well telling me I don’t deserve pleasure or happiness and they constantly insult me and harass me and bully me . I feel so depressed at the moment I really just want to feel okay again 


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