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my parents are enablers

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ok my brother sold his car last year and he didnt bother to  go out to look for a car because he's very cheap and very anal with certain things, plus he makes alot of money, it's bad enough he's taking my parents car and that car will die soon. my parents just rub it off and let him do what he wants like they wont get tough on him about going out and looking for car. i try to get them to be more restrictive on him because he will take either my car or the jeep which it's on a lease, it's like talking to the wall. i dont know what to do, i love my brother and he means well but his decision making is really dumb and my parents arent doing anything about it.

im worried that he's going to take my car or the jeep and wear them down until we have nothing to drive. i dont understand why my parents are sticking up with him on this because it's their cars, not my brothers. i mean i get it if it was a few months, but it's been a year and a half. my parents are like brain dead on this. he's using them.

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