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Sam-E and L-Theanine for anxiety and depression

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I have been doing alot of reading about SAM-E and L-THEANINE in consideration to help me with depression/anxiety/and sleep in addition to Melatonin. I wanted to know your experiences and side effects for taking both of them at the same time? would it be better to start with one specifically?  I am considering taking both to help my cognitive function and lessen my anxiety throughout the day.

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Hi and welcome to the Forums.   It is very nice to meet you.

I have heard about the treatments you mentioned but do not have any personal experience with them.  Hopefully other members here with experience will see your post and respond to it kindly and helpfully.  Depression, anxiety and sleep difficulties are rough, to put it mildly.  I hope you find things that help you.  Please lean on us for moral support in your struggles.  We are all fellow strugglers here.  I wish you only the very, very best!

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