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I've been on a 10mg of escitalopram daily for almost two years now. My anxiety still flares from time to time but I'm no longer having bouts of sobbing, I can sleep at night, and can control my intrusive thoughts.

It's still not quite enough since I have near anxiety attacks about normal things like social events. So, in light of this, my doctor has doubled my medication to no 20mg, and I have just started on the new dosage tonight

I have slight fears about upping the medication. What if I never get off the medication? What about side effects? What if it changes me as a person? These are the sort of fears that stopped me from getting medication for years despite my anxiety and depression. On the other hand if it can stop the remaining anxiety I have I would be so grateful, and I don't know what I would do if I had to go off it completely; I can't go back to the way I felt before.

I guess what I'm asking here if for others experience with the medication. I know some people have been on it longer, and/or have larger doses.
So if I could hear others experiences that might ease me about my fears that would be appreciated. If you can't ease them please don't heighten them anymore, I don't need that right now, instead I ask that you say you can't recommend and give alternative I can pursue. Thank you.  

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I was on Escitalopram 20 mg for about 13 years until an insurance problem caused me to be switched to Citalopram.  This medication helped me enormously.  I can't think of any untoward side effects.  All antidepressants I have been on have caused me some insomnia except for Imipramine Hydrochrolide.  But Imipramine had intolerable side effects in my case.  I suffer from major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks.  I found Escitalopram helpful in all of these conditions.  I wish you only the best of luck!

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