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Olanzapine - more depressed ?

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My doctor prescribed me 5mg of Olanzapine (zyprexa) for sleep. I have no psychotic symptoms, its just for sleep since i have difficulty falling asleep at night. I usualy take it 3 - 4 hours before i go to sleep and for that it works good. But i have some questions. 

1) after i take 5mg Olanzapine before sleep .. my mood will dramaticaly go down. I will get more depressed, i will worry more about things, everything will feel out of my control, etc. Thank god its only for those 3-4 hours before i fall asleep but still, its interesting and i am wondering, did anyone else experience this ? Since it causes my mood to drop after i take it ... is it possible that it also decreases my mood the next day ? Could it be making my depression worse ?

2) What is your experience with the next day drowsines under Olanzapine ? Is it possible that i am sleepy all day because of this med ? 

I also noticed that i am a lot more hungry under this med. I never had problem with my weight but now it seems i have trouble not eating to much. 

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