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just needing to vent about jobs if I could...


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So shortly after the Christmas holidays, I went to check my schedule and found I had no work hours going forward. I was working at Walmart at the time, and really did not like it. So I decided I'd just go hunting for another job.  After a great deal of hunting, I tracked down work with a large grocery chain  here in Canada, Superstore. It was very similar to what I'd done in the past with Walmart and other previous jobs. Certainly not what I'd been wanting to do, but it would at least allow me to earn money again and not rely all what savings I have to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, I'm struggling to get what I consider my dream job with the local school district, a clerical position to be a school library assistant. I have all the required acdemic credentials to apply, but I fall short on the typing speed requirement. A couple of weeks back, I saw on Facebook that the school district was advertising for the position in question. I left a comment saying that I wished I could apply but my typing speed was not up to par. Basically I hover around 43 WPM and this requires 50. Soon thereafter, I received a message from a former coworker named Sara who'd actually been my inspiration for going to school to complete the academic program and pursue that line of work. She asked me about my comment and encouraged me to keep trying.

So I went in today to officially quit Walmart and talked to a manager because this new grocery job starts in a few days. I was aghast. I had unbeknownst to me indeed been put back on the schedule a couple of weeks prior. She said she had tried contacting me a few times to no avail. I was profusely apologetic and felt and still do feel horrible about it. I don't blame either my employer or myself, but if one wanted to assign blame that it could go on both sides as well. The manager in question did tell me that if things did not work at Superstore that she would be willing to take me back on at Walmart while telling me not to feel bad about the miscommunication that occured. I was very grateful for that. Unfortunately, I think what happened is going to bother me for at least a few days because I can't make sense of it. 

To be honest, I don't think I'm really going to be any happier at Superstore than at Walmart because either one is nothing more to me than a job to collect I think it is going to take doing something completely different or close that 7 WPM gap in my typing speed that I need to get what I really want. I've been practicing a lot lately because nothing is more of a motivator than she who prompted me to start on that journey nudging me along to get that.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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If either job is simply a means to an end and not something you plan on doing for life don't sweat it, they fully realize no one is staying at that job long term and will do whatever it takes to get employees,  good workers are hard to get these days and good ones get preferential treatment

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I would try to practice typing speed games or programs and just different ways to type faster.

Try to get a lot of rest and take care of yourself. If I was you I would focus hard on the typing and keep communication open with the library and also you still have the grocery stores and savings as plan b.

I would try to avoid getting bitter or angry becaude neither side is perfect. You had admitted you did not meet the typing speed and missed some communication although close and employer messed up on hours and communciation for you.

I wish you luck in your endeavor

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Hi Michael,

Apply for the 'dream job'.  Point out that you are motivated, but keying speed is below their target.  It is just that, a target.  Sure, some folks call it a "requirement".  But it's not always like that.  Or, call the school, talk to someone and ask.  "I really would like this job, but my speed is a little low.  Is it a problem if I apply anyway?"  Most folks will encourage you to apply and take it into consideration.  (Rarely is there a 'perfect candidate' and when someone does have the skills and experience, they may want more $)

Learning opportunity.  Just because you were not on the schedule once, check again.  Or, ask.  "I noticed I am not on the schedule this week...is there a reason?"   Maybe an oversight or something that could be addressed.  But when you talked to your supervisor, they were cool enough about it.  So, learning opportunity for next time...fewer assumptions and double check (can save you some headaches)

Otherwise, yes, certain jobs can be boring.  Everything can be.  But, sometimes, we can make the most boring things fun.  Even a 'dream job' will become routine at some point.  When you can, feeling strong or whatever, look to find ways to make it fun somehow.  Easy? no.  But if we don't ever try, we won't make it fun.  At the very least, you will be occupied with learning some different people and store layouts etc. for now.


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