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I do not feel sad or happy

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I only feel emptiness. I could sleep in a mansion or on a park bench, but my feeling would not leave. I am on a road shaped like a figure 8, bring me a new car, new passengers, plant new trees alongside the road, take more rest stops or none at all. I am still on a road shaped like a figure 8. But it is not like I feel anything particularly bad either, only a neutral-nothing state. So I can't complain, I just can't be happy either.

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Welcome aboard to our forum family.

The emptiness you are experiencing is the quintessential aspect of depression.

The important thing to realize is that the emptiness is metaphorical.

The important thing to realize about metaphors is that they only exist when we pretend, imagine and make believe them into existence.

Personally I invoke a cave metaphor to name and tame my depression.

We are truly never helpless confronting Old Man Depression.

Please make yourself at home here and feel free to post your concerns.

We are here to help.


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I would try to focus on some of the positives. You are free from a lot of sadness and suffering and have some stability. You can use that stable mood base to pursue happiness and embark on your own personal journey for the pursuit of happiness.

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