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Our best friend, our worst enemy...

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Our best friend, our worst enemy... I am talking, of course about our unconscious. At times it is useful to talk about the unconscious as if it is another person. They are the cause of your depression, anxiety and all other related symptoms. But they are actually on your side. What they are exhibiting is a cry for help. Your unconscious desperately wants your attention... but they are ignored, so they cry for help. 


So where do we go from here? Well your unconscious is like the smartest person in the meeting you are sitting in... they are smart but shy, introverted. They do not offer an opinion because they think no one is listening. As soon as they are invited to speak, prompted a little we find they have a huge amount to offer.  


So we need to start listening to our unconscious. If we do so we will find they become more talkative. Once you get this dialogue going you can decipher what the problem is, what is causing your anxiety and depression. Once you do this you will be on the path to fixing the problem and feeling better again.  

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