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Why your current treatment plan is failing you


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There are a number of reasons your current treatment plan may be failing you.  


First off, most of the treatments for mental health are outdated. The provider of these treatments are health care organisations. You go to your doctor. He or she works for the health service. They check your symptoms against their matrix and prescribe the designated treatment. These are treatments that would have gone through some risk assessment some years ago and got signed off. Now one benefit of large organisations is that they marshal vast resources. One downside is that they are slow to adapt or move with the times. This is why startup companies can have an advantage over large corporations. Their small scale makes them more agile and easier to adapt. Your health service is a large organisation so it is painfully slow when it comes to embracing new approaches.  


Secondly, the system disincentivises medical practitioners from being open to new ideas. The financial crisis of 2008 was caused by a banking system that incentivised traders to take huge risks. In a similar way the health care system disincentivises medical professions to think outside the box. The message is stick to your list... prescribe the approved treatment.  


Thirdly, this system is generally more interested in that which can be quantitively measured and tested. Something is tested, approved and it goes on the treatment list. Mental health issues are difficult to analyse in this way. They require a more qualitative based analysis. This excludes some effective approaches.  


Fourthly, relative to the size of the problem very little funding goes into mental health issues. People are suffering, terribly. But destruction of quality of life is not a metric they use in their decision-making process. They use different metrics. So the treatments do not evolve.  


So the result is you go to your doctor with an issue that has a psychological cause. You are either prescribed the all singing, all dancing answer to everything... medication. Or you are directed to various talking therapies which while beneficial for some do not get to the root cause of the issue.  

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