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I want to share an experience I hope will offer encouragement to anyone who is in the same position I once found myself in. Earlier in my life I had some serious issues with anxiety and depression. After spending some time utilising various coping mechanisms I experienced a particularly difficult period. This experience was horrific. It made me wish I had never been born. But it terrified me so much it spurned me into action. I decided to abandon the coping strategy I had clung to and pursue the root cause of my issues. I believed that if I found the root cause I would be able to address this and cure myself of these symptoms for good. I made a list of treatments I thought might allow me to do this. I worked my way through this list. One of these approaches allowed me to get to the root cause of my depression and anxiety and resolve the issue. I went from being someone who was being crushed by the weight of my emotions to someone who wakes up with an optimistic attitude to life’s challenges. I now start my days with a genuine excitement about the future. I walked this path and made this transition. If you walk this path you can make the same discoveries, the same changes and be cured.

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I agree.  I did the same thing you did for the most part.  My drinking and drug use just prologed the inevitable fight and recovery I had to go through to ever have a chance of being happy and functional in this life.  I guess for a long time you have no idea why you are who you are and don't want to find out and quite literally are afraid to find out but you eventually have to figure out what's going on with you on your own or with help.  Eventually your mind will force you to find out.

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