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What is happening? [part 4 of 4]


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Conclusions: If our negative emotions, depression and anxiety is caused by plugging into certain memories or beliefs in our unconscious then there are a number of implications. One of them is that we can tap into these memories or beliefs and reorientate them. Here we are talking about showing the unconscious mind something the conscious mind knows to be true. In the first example I mentioned [https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/187325-what-is-happening-part-2-of-4/] Martin can tap into the memory which reads “if I go in the lift I will feel terrified and might die”. He can come to terms with the fact that this is not true, that he had an experience that scared him when he was a little boy but that the truth is he is perfectly safe going into a life and does not need to fear the risk of death. Similarly in example 2 [https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/187387-what-is-happening-part-3-of-4/] Jane can uncover and revisit the belief that “hot weather makes me depressed”. She can show herself that it was normal to feel devastated when her dog died but that because she was a child and could not account for the overwhelming strength of the emotion at the time she rationalised it by attaching it to the weather. 

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Hi Luciano,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections.

I read the 4 posts where did you get the examples from?

From my experience I think it is extremely difficult to will or think yourself out of a negative thought trap. I always find that either it is a biological problem (sleep deprivation, dehydration  need endorphins from exercise, vitamin nutritional needs) or a social emotional problem and there in lies the crux of the problem.

I find that social life tends to be like a Chinese finger trap. Often when you are in a good place you will get emotional support or approval you don't need but when you are down and actually need it then it becomes scarce. This is why people often say confidence must first start from within.

When I feel down socially, I play piano and the more I play and get a higher skill level it becomes more effective. Confidence comes from having control and mastery in your environment and I get this from playing piano. I feel most confident when I can imagine a song in my head and manifest it on the piano. I almost always think the easiest way to get out of thinking traps or negative memories is to have an accompany it with an action as a positive catalyst once all biological needs have been addressed and the problem is deducted to bad memories.

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Hey Evergreen


I came up with the examples myself to illustrate the points and try to explain better what is underlying the symptoms we can experience. 


I would argue that all of the things you mention (sleep deprivation, needing endorphins, social problems et al) are symptoms of the issue rather than causes. We cannot sleep because of our emotional turbulence. We seeks out an endorphin boost to try and neutralise the feelings of sadness. We have issues with other people because being depressed, anxious and irritable means the things others do easily upset us, makes us nervous or cause us to lose our tempers. 


It is extremely difficult to will yourself out of a thought trap. What we are referring to here is to using the rational mind to say logically "feel better... you have no reason to be sad". This does not work. It is because the problem is not related to the rational, conscious mind. It is in the unconscious. If we want to speak to the unconscious we must speak to it in it's language. The language of metaphor and symbol. It is like the language of your dreams. 


If the problem resides with someone who speaks French then speaking to them in English to try and solve the problem will not get us very far. We must speak to them in French. So it is with out unconscious. We must communicate with it using the language of metaphor and symbol. 


This can be difficult at first. But anyone can get good at it. The same way you have developed your skills at playing the piano. This has worked for me. I can provide further details if it is something you are interested in. 

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