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Hello all, I am new to this site. I been diagnosed with different thing over the years moderate depression, unstable borderline personally disorder. Then about 9 years ago was diagnosed with sicoafectvie disorder.
At the moment I hearing noises .like knocking on Windows doors and tv on when the tv off, laughing , whispering.
I also have health issues to fibromyalgia, m.e , type2 diabetes, peripheral nerve damage, cardiomyopathy. High blood pressure,

So I been struggling with my mobility and everything starting to change .

Boyfriend deiceding to buy the flat WE are living in . So he be taking over Bill and I going to have to relie on him and benefit stops except pip. I panicking about that . 

I am all so struggling mentally dealing with how my health. Life changed so much I am  limited what I can do. I have to use wheelchair get a cleaner. I want to be normal and able to do things like my friends. I can't go on night out with girls as I struggle to walk every where. Then I can't dance with out sitting down after a min of dancing. I am missing intressed in life and thing like craft I enjoy. house work and looking after my self also is being affected massively to.

I want to be on my own most evening and can't wait till 7 pm comes so I go to bed. When I wake I dread it as I have to pretend every thing OK and it's not that bad.but its get worse.

I just want to be in my bed room on my own so I don't have to deal with any one. Been making excuses to my friends I am not at home or I don't feel well head ache ECT.

I feel I shutting down mentally too.

there probably more but it even taking it out of me typing this . Sigh hate this feeling of dread and my head seems to be working against me .
I don't no what else to do. I am scared as mental health killed my marriage and now iam with a new partner. I am scared it will change our relationship. As he not seen a depression episode before. 

Well that what going on.Thanks for reading and taking the time out of your day. Keep safe. 

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Welcome echoofme, that's quite a lot to deal with all at the same time, is there any activities that take your mind off of the mental part, at least to get a distraction for a while

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