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Do you believe in Karma?

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When I was younger, I always believed that Karma existed, and such thought really helped me when I am being bullied, attacked or manipulated negatively, I always believed that I would be better tomorrow and those who were unfair to me or intended to make me angry will have their bad time at last. I think it's a good belief, regardless of which religion. But now, as I am getting older, such thought doesn't help me any more, I find that I am unable to be calm down or be less affected quickly when I am being triggered by even very small matter.... This really affects my life so much... I can't really figure out a way of having this problem solved.

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I believe in something akin to Karma.  I try to live my values and I have a mission in life that keeps me focused on what is of primary importance to me.  Of course good things and bad things befall me.  I tend to view a lot of people that others regard as "bad" people as actually sick people.  So I tend to think a lot of people don't need to be punished as much as to be healed.  Of course misfortune when it befalls me tests my beliefs and sometimes weakens them but I usually bounce back.  I think what you wrote is very understandable and I have definitely felt the same kinds of things that you describe in your post.  Wish I knew what to say to help!  Sorry you are having a hard time!

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