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I can’t do this anymore

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I’m fed up with life, I can’t get on with people including my own partner abd it’s probably because of the autism that my therapist is certain that I have she said she’s going to diagnose me since the test have finished almost. I’ve got people harassing me and attacking me online, they are carrying out denial of service attacks on my router as I keep greeting booted out of my games and my router won’t come up unless I request a new IP address, I got doxed yesterday (someone posted my address on social media) they got banned for it and hate me even more now. My partner had a go at me for calling someone names who called me names also I feel stupid, childish and pathetic, I just don’t want to deal with people anymore not even my own partner. All there is to life is chores and nothing else. I’ve got nothing to look forward to, no purpose what’s the point. I’m so bitter and twisted that all I want to do is get revenge on people who are mean to me, I’m not made for this world and want to distance myself from people, not all people but maybe it’s a me problem, maybe I’m just too far damage 

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It sounds like you’re having a really hard time right now and I feel for you! I hope that you’re able to find some peace soon. I don’t think revenge is ever good or helpful. Idk why people are targeting you online but that sounds awful. Hopefully you can stay away from all those people and be safe . 
best wishes to you 

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If you know you are autistic you have to be mindful of this and work through it. For example of you know you get triggered by online games take a break and use a stress ball or go for a run and then enjoy the game once you calmed down, block toxic people and go to a different server.

Also it is better if you do not tell people you are autistic in some online places. That is because people who are trolls are unhappy with their life they might wish they had a girlfriend or have worse life than you and instead of bettering themselves they want to bring people down to their level and they will try to get to you with any percieved weakness.

There is nothing wrong with being autistic, they also can have savant abilities and actually be very intelligent and talented in certain things, know yourself and try to regulate when things getting out of hand.

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