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Hello my name is Skylar I have learning disabilities: ADHD, OCD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Oral Expression Disorder, Suicidal Thoughts, and Depression. I feel sorry, anxious, depressed because I feel like people think I am annoying, crazy, weird, etc. It feels like nobody likes me or wants to be my friend. It feels like barely even anyone wants to be my friend. It feels like barely even anyone wants to text with me/hangout with me. It feels like I am invisible like some people don't even notice me. It makes me feel sad and lonely because it feels like nobody wants to be my friend.

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I hope you will make a lot of friends here.   There is a thread in a Forum here [DEPRESSION CENTRAL] that is called "How do You Feel Right Now."  It is a very active thread.  I often go there myself when I am feeling low and lonely.  I hope you will join our group there so you will not be so alone with your afflictions.  Sometimes it is only others who are going through the same or similar things who are able to be understanding, encouraging and consoling.  So sorry for the terrible burdens you bear.  I think you are very heroic.

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