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Quit Sugar and Carbs!

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I have been depressed and anxious all my life. 14 months ago I quit all sugar and carbs. I have been free of depression and anxiety ever since!! I started with a 5 day fast. On day 4 I had a good feeling! I have had that good feeling every day since then.

I would not believe it either! But it's true! It came about because I dieted with my son Jack about 8 years ago. We were only drinking protein shakes. I got my old personality back during that time (I had experienced periods of not being depressed before) and Jack said, "I got my Dad back!" Unfortunately, when I went back to food I lost myself again.

I wanted that feeling back! I watched videos about Keto and Fasting. I decided to try it.

It worked!

I avoid all sugars and I eat no bread, pasta or starchy veg. It is still working. I am happy! I also lost 112 pounds of fat and I am now my Ideal weight.

I'm pretty sure none of you will even try this. People don't realize the power of sugar addiction!

Just give up sugar and carbs for a week or so and feel the difference!

What have you got to lose!

Every single day I am grateful that I did this and it scares me to think I nearly didn't do it!

My last tip is to go carnivore! Meat is so filling and nutritious you won't go hungry.

Watch videos on keto/carnivore. Or just keto if you don't eat meat.

Good luck,


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When you say things like i'm pretty sure none of you will try this or what have you got to lose it comes off as being condescending.

It is also something I need to work on myself is to never talk down to people with depression or mental illness. They are equals and I would never judge why they have mental illness. For all we know they could be afflcted simply because they were being a hero in a cold horrible society.

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Hey John


Thanks for sharing your experience. I drastically reduced my carb intake last year (for general health, not merely mental health reasons). I replaced carbs with healthy fats. There is a lot of science that suggests this can slow down the ageing process and significantly reduce the risk of serious illness such as cancer.



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