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Ran out of Cymbalta. Take a half Trintellix tonight?

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Hi, y'all! 


Around a month ago, I was switched from Trintellix to Cymbalta, and at the end of my first bottle of Cymbalta, I misjudged and ran out and wasn't able to take one this morning.  Now it's bedtime and I am a bit nervous about how I might feel tonight as far as withdrawal symptoms go.  I will be able to get my Cymbalta prescription in the morning and take one about 10:30 in the morning.  I am starting to feel a little weird having gone the day without the Cymbalta.  For tonight, should I take one of my Trintellix (SSRI) I still have or simply do without tonight?  Or take an extra 1/2 anti-anxiety pill?  I have an important (unrelated) appt tomorrow and don't want to miss it or feel terrible at it, so I hope to sleep decently.  


What do you think?



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So sorry that happened.  Please call a pharmacist for some expert advice since none of us here are medical professionals.  Something like what you describe happened to me before with another medication.  None of us here would want to see anything bad happen to you.  A pharmacist would be able to help you with your decision making if you can't reach your prescribing physician or another physician.  Hope you will be okay!

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