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You cannot beat scumbags...

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Basically, I called like a billion legal firms over the last X amount of years or whatever, and ended up getting NOWHERE with them each time.

My own prior lawyer is a creep too. I provided him with a USB stick containing important proof, and he claims he misplaced it. OK? Then he made sarcastic remarks.

Even breached no contact orders to tell jerks on Facebook what I thought of their unique brand of wrecking my life, and this one dude just posted one emoji, laughing. Seriously. They don't even give a damn about the hassle this has caused me for so very long. 😒

I was supposed to take ex support workers to court, over some matters from years ago, due to ongoing legal affairs. Yet civil lawyers expect too much cash upfront. And then it's like, £200 an hour. Now obviously if you only gain benefits because of having the misfortune of suffering from an impediment, there would be no way for anybody like me to afford what they request, but legal aid solicitors are vastly useless, because they really don't say or do much at all.

I am also tired of calling up 101 to report this Australian idiot who was bothering me on YouTube. I get told, that 4 years of pestering, is "not a police matter". Like, WTF? 😞

Apart from that, you really should never trust anybody from this agency known as Autism Initiatives. It is rather seedy, to be honest. Because years ago, I had a guy emailing me weird emails about a wrestler and my ex, and he talked about music he was aware that I like, making insensitive comments. He eventually left, but whatever, right? He was being out of order, was hereby put in a position of responsibility, and needs to be barred from all future care agencies.

And not too long ago, I was seeing a girl, and her mother got mad, all due to her being younger than me...

To make matters worse, I was trying to be an extra in these no name films, and had people threatening me a lot and blacklisting me, who I did not know, but they seemingly know an actress who does not like me. Can you believe that nonsense? But after I said things in response to them, they said I was "harassing" them, and got NCOs on a silver platter, while I got grief, yet again. And the pigs are clearly biased, think it's okay to break into your flat for something that happened a year previously, and then not explain what the charge is at the station. Like, holy cow here. It's just one totally ridiculous event after another, for like 10 years by this stage, because people target me.

I even hate my own family now. Nobody listens, and I don't even have a social life whatsoever. It is just so annoying being treated like trash by so many fools today...


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It could be intimidating for other people to talk to you because you seem to resent almost everyone you have been in contact with even family.

Relationships are a two way street you also have to think about things you can do to explain yourself better, protect yourself if someone is unethical and having outlets so you do not take your bad experiences out on new people who did not wrong you.

Bad people or scumbags as you like to call them, they take advantage of people who are impulsive and vulnerable, who cannot speak up or report things.

If you are having problems with lawyers I will tell you those are some of the toughest people on the planet to contend with because they deal with difficult people on a regular basis and are very crafty themselves.

Really the only way is to find a clear law they are violating, have evidence, otherwise it is best to move on.

I fought with a lawyer before because he was a jerk and shot off illegal grade fireworks all the time at all hours. It only worked because the police stepped up and rest of the neighborhood was upset as well but yeah I do not like disputing with lawyers that is for sure.

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