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Anyone been to a psych ward? Need advice. Urgent


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My brother's been there since 10 days ago and they are not helping. I made a post about him before. His main problem is sleep including chronic sleep deprivation. But instead of making sure he sleeps well, they put him in a noisy room. Some heater and cooler 2 in 1 is making such a noise that it made ME dizzy and angry during the 2 hour visit.

The "doctor" who was "seeing" him for 6 months over the phone has put himself in charge and told all other "MDS Bible" worshippers that he is not as sick as he claims. They told him literally they don't believe him his symptoms. They say it's all in his head. They don't give him nothing to calm him down when he gets his extreme distress fear and rage attack where he feels 1000% suicidal. Nothing. They don't care.

He started getting confused in smaller but important ways again like when he wants to eat he has to think for 10 minutes does he need to take spoon, fork or knife. That's all because of sleep deprivation.

Not only that he is being not treated there, but neglected and in a way abused. They didn't even allow him access to social worker. Therapists they don't even have.

The shrink called me last Wednesday and said "Hey your brother is getting better". I said no he is getting worse. So we decided to meet on Monday at noon to talk.

Also, my brother can't take this doctor when he talks. I wouldn't either. When he talks he debates and feels like he is interrogating you. Goes into philosophy etc so my brother told him that in a polite way but he didn't change.

On Monday we will tell him to find a suitable environment for him in another hospital. If he "can't" doesn't want to then we will tell him my brother is going home. Also, we will demand another doctor/second opinion but not in that hospital because he influenced all 6 shrinks there not to take my brother serious.

There are some positives there as well but the negatives are overwhelming. He is more than 10x more likely to commit suicide there than at home and that's a fact, all because of the reasons above.

But I would like to ask is there anyone who is above the doctor we can complain to, not only because we need a new doctor and better environment but also he can give us a hard time to discharge him.

There is an organization called mental health advocated but they also work for the health system and they are not above the doctors, they can only give suggestions. I wish I could have figured this earlier and help my brother but due to my own problems I couldn't.

Imagine you go to hospital for manic depression and severe anxiety but they treat you as if you are OK or just panicked a little, no big deal, especially if you are sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation kills mentally and physically. This quack is supposed to be sleep specialist as well but he never cared to treat my brothers sleep apnea until we told them so now they say bring your own device. If you go sleep deprived for too long, like if you sleep 3-4 hours per night, you will eventually go mad. All people with sleep disorders especially those who don't get enough sleep must be treated with extra care whoever they are, not putting them in unhealthy environments.

I am so upset to the point that I am thinking to kick his ass, literally. Stupid quack makes $300 000 and ruins people lives. They should kiss patients' ass for getting that kinda money for doing nothing not make it worse than it already is.

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Every time I went to the psych ward I would have to say I'm not really sure if I slept or not.  On Monday say well if you're saying it's all in his head and he's not sick why is he here?  It's so hard in these situations though.  You might not be able to just take him home.  The doctor might let him go home and the doctor might go to a judge and have the judge mandate him to stay.  The advocates you talk about are absolutely going to look out for the hospital first and foremost.  When we get into these situations at the psych ward we basically have no rights anymore.  They can say when and if we go home and they might not let us go back home ever again.  I wouldn't recommend this for anyone ever!  If the doctor pushes back at the meeting on Monday I would go straight to a lawyer.  It might be the only way to help your brother.

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Yes he can try that despite many arguments that staying where he is right now is much more dangerous and unsafe but like you said they can do pretty much anything. We are trying to get a social worker involved. If the doctor's have the absolute power then the system is more corrupted than I had thought. If there was someone neutral to judge I believe they would side with my brother with no doubt but they all tend to believe doctors more than patients.

In this case the core issue is sleep so maybe the quack won't make any fuss and my brother got admitted voluntarily even though I called the same quack to arrange it for him but I learned long ago never to trust them especially physicians and shrinks IME so I'll see what the liar has to say tomorrow.

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I have been to inpatient 3 times in my life 1 civillian and 2 military.

If the doctor says he is getting better then just ride the stream with that because getting better means he can get out of the institution. And yeah they make a lot of money and being hospitalized there is expensive when it should not be because I would never in my life ever go back to being comitted, I would become Michael Myers before I would pay someone to go back there, military was different because it was free and honestly some male military nurse was a jerk but everything else helped me recover, on the civillian side I liked the other patients.

Overall, if he says your brother is getting better that is a good start to getting him out of there which seems like the best course. Usually he just needs a plan on how he stays safe and they can discharge him.

If he does not like the noise, ask for ear plugs, they usually always have these on wards. Heck I played guitar, piano led a yoga class with the other patients, got a memory foam matress, lot of good food, scribbled and exchnaged stories with the other inpatients, even had a gaming console in the military one. I don't know where your brother is but that one sounds either awful or you just have to ask for the good stuff especially with how expensive it is.

I spent 7 years in the military and I 100% think sleep deprivation will make anyone go insane.

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Well it is all free here and we like to complain that our free health care is back firing with bad health care but also long waiting times. Waiting times for a specialist can be months or years.

The problem is my brother has gotten worse since gotten there. All other patients but 2 who don't even leave their rooms are unfortunately having problems with reality and that scares him even more even though he is trying to push the fear back and talks to them a bit. He is an extreme sociophob who wasn't leaving his house for a decade and in this hospital a few positives did happen. He was forced to interact with other people and get to  know them, mostly nurses both males and females and for him it's a huge improvement which has to continue but not in this environment or this hospital.

The thing that has gotten worse over there is one of the most important issues and that's sleep. Sleep deprivation causes fear and fear turns into rage. I have experienced the combo myself. He is scared he might act up on his moments of rage and they would put him into the ICU where someone like him would not survive psychologically. He is an empath (another disorder) with severe mental issues and sleep deprivation. 3 days ago one of the male nurses who "clicked" with him over the time got confused about something about the pills or maybe the guy simply was not in the mood so my brother took it personally, had a suicide attack and even cried. He couldn't calm down until he made sure the other person is not mad after he asked him. Only later, usually a few hours before sleep time when his brain gets tired he can control his emotions better and says he shouldn't care what other ppl think.  Years of social phobia have led to this. But the doctors' negligence and sleep disruption is the main reason he would get even worse in there.

My theory is that the root cause of this could be extreme fear which started over a year ago because I compare it to myself. The last few night I couldn't get much sleep at all because of stress about him and another stress problem I will post later because it it tearing me apart. But if he got better and my other problem was solved I'd feel much better and sleep better.  In his case it went too far. He still needs pills which he is not even getting in the hospital mostly because he cannot tolerate them but also because the staff, mainly the doctors aren't doing enough. But I also think he needs serious psychotherapy.

Either way, may God help us cuz the last 4 days I've been in constant distress and he is in it for over a year. It's gotten so bad that sending a text message to a non-family is a hard task for him. But then again he can't function for days if he takes a shower when the water flow goes into his head for longer than a minute and that may not be fear-caused. He did have neurological tests. We will see what happens today first.

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9 hours ago, Evergreenforst4 said:

I spent 7 years in the military and I 100% think sleep deprivation will make anyone go insane.

Definitely. If you add to it circadian rhythm disorder (another sleep disorder he has for 20 years) and non restorative sleep meaning even the sleep you get is not quality sleep then it is very serious.

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8 hours ago, Jeshu said:

i found that doctors in general are not helpful, it is really about finding one that can be trusted to help. i have been a psych wards many times but did everything to make sure they would discharge me as quick as possible. Some patients are kept their against their will for months.

i found that my chronic insomnia was best helped with a low dosage of Mirtazapine, as this AD  makes people very sleepy in low dosages, and together with NAC also helps fight the depression.

Only 7.5 mg is needed to get a good night sleep on that stuff, it works far better than sleepers and is not addictive.


Get your brother on Mirtazapine as soon as possible, it works wonders getting people to sleep. Sleep is the biggest problem struggling against mental illness.

Mirtazapine is a good pill for insomnia. But he tried it last year (Either 7.5 or 15 mg) and it knocked him out in a negative way. It kinda made him extremely drowsy but couldn't fall asleep. A very bad feeling. But whatever caused his inability to sleep in June 2020, be it the amphetamines he took or something else, body chemistry changes. For example, 3 months ago he couldn't even tolerate low dose of melatonin but now he can. He couldn't tolerate seroquel at all, now he can in low doses. So trying Mirtazapine even at 3mg might be a good idea. It angers me the most the fact that I am too sick myself to intensify my search for some sleep solutions for him and makes me feel guilty because when I feel a little better I get thoughts that I can do more. But when Im down then I know I can't. He is now is the "catch 22" position, another hospitalization could ruin him permanently psychologically because chances are he would and up in psych ICU mostly due to sleep deprivation, but at home he doesn't have the care he would have in a good hospital environment but unfortunately they don't have good hospitals for mental health.  The shrink told us that the gov't cut down on mental health funding a few months ago. How sad. The newly elected old prime minister promised billion of dollars for mental health care but I don't believe him.

I heard NAC can help also OCD. I bought some long ago but he didn't dare to try it yet. But I'm sure he will have to and I hope we stumble upon something that helps. Last night he got 6 hours of sleep and even though he has non restorative sleep he felt a bit better and grateful which made me sad because for me 6 hours is nothing.

Thanks for advice

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Hi, I am a new user so hopefully this goes well.


I have been to a few psych wards and none of them were a pleasant experience. 

In your brothers case I don't find any reason for them to be not attending to his needs. And not having anyone around to help him seems like a problem. I don't find this normal at all. When I was apart of a mental hospital I always had doctors and nurses checking up on me, and they weren't terrible at they're job either. 

With the sleep deprivation, I do find it hard to sleep while there. In my case I was checked up on every 15 minutes and that including in the night.  There was a window in my door and they would shine a flashlight in until they could see that I was breathing.... every 15 minutes. It was pure torture. Also the walls were super thin so you could hear every single patient who was having a hard time sleeping. 


There isn't much you can do. Maybe try talking to doctors to help him feel more wanted? Not sure how that would go but it is worth a try.


I'm sorry you're going through this, it sucks.

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The checking with lights annoyed him a lot. But they have to do it if a patient is trying to self harm they are to intervene. When you have a serious sleeping disorder it's extra hard.

One day he felt really like ending it and went to the desk and told them that. He expected something to calm him down as I would but they gave him a piece of paper to fill out like why you shouldn't do it, reasons to live etc....I know they have their tactics it's been done by professionals but when they are underfunded they can't be much helpful. A friend of mine was in such a hospital in Germany and the difference is huge but still not perfect.

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