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Sertraline 50mg Neck Spasms?


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I am new to this forum and would like to ask if experiencing neck spasms is something one can go through after just their 2nd day on 50mg Sertraline?

My 1st dose was taken yesterday morning and by evening when I went to bed, I was experiencing pain on the left side of my neck. When I woke up this morning my neck still hurt. 

I took my 2nd 50mg dose and my neck ache got worse. I took a muscle relaxant and applied a heat pad but nothing is helping. I plan on calling my health prescribing physician tomorrow morning for advisement but I thought in the meantime I'd put it out here for discussion.

Thanks to all respondents


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Ooh ok so I've actually got this too, but I had the neck thing before sertraline.

For me my neck presses left into my shoulder quite sharply and can either be quite quick and releases quickly or sometimes it holds there for a bit and can hurt a bit.

This predominantly happens when I'm feeling anxious or uncomfortable (I have social anxiety and i get sensory overloads). This I see as a kind of nervous tic, a bit like with Tourettes i guess, or like a stim (something linked to autism just a physical way of letting emotion out).

This might be completely different to you, definitely talk to your doctor or therapist about it, but mine is linked with anxiety and i can to some degree control it.

Hope it gets better

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