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new member/ small vent

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i’m new and i am simply trying to find someone to talk to. i can’t really go to anyone in my life because i don’t trust other people with my thoughts and feelings. i always end up having to console the other person or am look down upon. i want to talk to a therapist or psychiatrist, but it all seems like so much rn with college and work and just trying to live. i don’t really know what else to do rn.

if you read through all this, thank you !

i appreciate it.

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Welcome new friend to our forum family.

You can post your concerns here and we will try to help.

I truly believe we are never helpless confronting Old Man Depression.

When you are comfortable tell us more about yourself.

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Welcome to DF, 

We'll glad to have you on board.  Take your time and browse around because there is so much to read and gain insight from.

We'll here to listen and encourage you during your journey so make yourself at home, and let us know how we may help you.

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1 hour ago, SolaceFall said:

I am here for the same reasons if you would ever like to talk let me know used to be a member here a long time ago and it was a nice safe haven to talk to others going through similar issues hope all is well.

Welcome back!

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