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Discovering Holly

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Discovering Holly was not easy at first.As young kid,I discovered the interest in female clothing at a young age.It included make up.This started when I was 8 years old.Did walk in a few pairs of  mom's heels at times and mom didn't have a problem.Dad,I never did it around him a lot.He was not good to me at all,physically and verbally abused me including my half brother.Dad caught me wearing a dress when I was 13 and beat the crap out of me.Mom felt guilty not reporting it at first after telling her this.It was verbal abuse from my half brother too.Mom did finally report it with my dad and half brother arrested.were charged and convicted.Mom let me be me and knew I was not the masculine son letting me crossdress.Age 18,seen a gender specialist because mom and the school counselor were concerned.Opened up fighting when to dress as Holly at times and mom was there hearing it.Finally I was diagnosed with being genderfluid at age 18.Decided to stay dressed as Holly and mom saw me much happier.I am glad to have her in my life,she loves me for who I am

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