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I'm not feeling particularly depressed currently but my anxiety is really bad... I've never had it so bad that I can't sleep before now. 

I'm at the point where I would consider medication when I am actually pretty anti-medication... 

I had a really bad reaction to it 20 years ago. 

Just wondering what others think about medication...Have you been able to come back off it successfully and how has it been helpful to you? 


Any comments appreciated. 

Love NJ 

#having a year long breakdown. 

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Medication has never helped me.  It made me better for others.  I was so much calmer because I was numb.  I felt nothing all the time on medication.  Not good not bad nothing.  I would never do it again.  I have to go through a fight with family on a regular basis already about everything.  Family will only see their side.  They will like you on every med and always try to pressure you into taking them for the benefits they get from the process.  From my experience they won't care whatsoever how it makes you feel or they won't care if it ruins your life.  They just want you quiet and out of the way.  They've always seen me as the problem dog you lock up in another room when company shows up though.  They've never cared about me.  They've always mainly just wanted me to go away.

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I am anti-medication too even though I take them. I despise psychiatrists but let's not go into that. Despite their poison being harmful, for some people it is life saver. Some people get harmed by it and others get better.

In your case since your depression is not that bad the best way to treat your anxiety is through psychotherapy or counselings. If you tried it and it did not help I would then carefully try 1 antidepressant and see if it helps. In most cases though, you feel a little worse for 2-3 weeks. Then after about a month or 2 you will know if they are helping you or not.

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I wouldn't say I am anti medication as such as it does and has helped people I know,  but I've had bad experiences myself and the adjusting to each one is often almost worse than being depressed sometimes so I tend to go for the excercise, positive mental wellbeing and talking about my problems route more these days. The meds helped me through the worst points in my life I guess.

Wish could give you a 🤗


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